Give some Calm

Give some Calm

Friend feeling fraught? The sleep and wellness app everyone is talking about.


We all know someone that can’t get to sleep, is stressed by work and anxious about life in general.  Plug into ‘The Daily Calm’. We all have moments in our life when we seem to be losing control, allowing stuff to get the better of us, and while it is obvious that sleep is a good thing, it is often one thing that is most elusive during the dark hours. Calm is a meditation, sleep and wellness app, with over 33 million downloads to date.


The most popular feature is a ten minute meditation called ‘The Daily Calm’, that explores a new mindful theme and inspiring concept each day. Calm also contains over 110 sleep stories, read soothingly by the likes of Stephen Fry (we’ve never got to the end of the story). Listen to music, nature sounds, and fantastic masterclasses delivered by world experts. The Calm app is initially free to download, but a years paid subscription to Calm Premium will give you access to an ever growing library of meditations, stories, breathing tools and masterclasses. Peace, calm and clarity all help to make life happier and healthier, which will reflect on everything around you.


This is a 1-year subscription to the app Calm.  It was named by Apple as the 2017 iPhone App of the Year; by Google Play as an “Editors' Choice” in 2018; and found by a major study of 200,000 iPhone users to be “the world’s happiest app” – the single app that left users feeling happiest from spending time on it. It has received over 200,000 five star app reviews on either Google Play or the App Store.

Download an e-voucher to give to a friend or select by post and we will put a signature Indytute orange gift pack in the post, so you have something thoughtful and even possibly life changing to give.


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