At Home: Calligraphy Workshop

At Home: Calligraphy Workshop

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Everything you need to master calligraphy in a box including online tutorials. Start or give a new, calming hobby

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Handwriting as an art form. The complete starter kit, pre-recorded lessons and a live monthly Zoom. 


It is a fact that very few of us have what used to be known as a ‘beautiful hand’. Nothing to do with gels, everything to do with penmanship. Now that we don’t use a biro let alone a pen for anything at all, writing as we know it is dying out. 

So if we are writing less, doesn’t it make sense when we do put pen to paper to make it special. We associate calligraphy with wedding invites, but really it can be much more. Handwriting as an art form. Calligraphy is a skill. You can learn the basics fairly speedily, and then it’s practise, and more practise until you have perfected the technique and can introduce your own personality into the script. Better get started then!

To get you on page we have been liaising with Stacy, a calligraphy teacher, who became passionate about writing five years ago after attending a workshop. Now she runs her own, and is Indytute ready to teach you the skill with prerecorded videos and a monthly live zoom.

Now as with all our kits, first you will receive - the box…..


Everything you need for this lesson is ready and waiting for you to unpack. Ink, a nib, nib holder, workbook, guidelines, practise pad, the complete starter pack. 

  • A quality nib
  • Oblique nib holder
  • Pot of sumi ink
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Premium practice pad
  • Laminated guidelines and alphabet exemplar
  • Personalised notecard
  • Luxury gift box

If you enjoy the process then this is the start of a whole new understanding of letters. Start to get your tongue around Cyrillic ornamental script, Textura Quadrata, Italic. English Round Hand and Chalk Lettering. Like a fingerprint or voice your handwriting is you. Totally unique.



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