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Although many experiences can be enjoyed in London, there will be times when people must think outside the box to try new things. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been worrying for many people. However, it has also allowed people to explore other interests and enjoy a series of activities from the comfort of their own home.

Of course, there will still be those that are wanting to try new and exciting experiences in London, but many simply enjoy a balance of both, allowing for new hobbies and interests to be discovered with ease.

Indytute is a pioneer when it comes to unique London experiences, but now also offers a range of stay-at-home experiences that can ensure boredom is always kept at bay.

The following is an overview of some of the unique and immersive stay-at-home experiences that can be enjoyed courtesy of Indytute.

Personalise Your Accessories with the Paintable Clutch Kit

There are lots of ways to showcase our personality. Some may prefer to show their persona using an outfit, whereas others may prefer to show offer their characteristics around the home. More and more people are finding that their creative side can be used to create something that showcases their personality perfectly.

Indytute has always prided itself on offering high-quality and enjoyable stay-at-home experiences, and the At Home: Paintable Clutch Kit is no exception.

Now is the time to meet up with friends and family, and the Paintable Clutch Kit can help ensure that you are stepping out in style.

Everything needed to create your bespoke clutch bag is provided, including pre-cut leather, waxed thread and paintbrushes and even a set of video instructions. The clutch bag can be treated as your own personal canvas, allowing you to create something personal and unique.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to treat yourself following a stressful lockdown or simply searching for a gift idea, the Paintable Clutch Kit is a perfect choice.

Make Your Own Unique Cocktails with the Mezcal Masterclass Stay-at-Home Experience

There is no denying that many people enjoy a cocktail, but some may have only experienced a handful of the taste sensations available. Always keen to offer something original, Indytute is proud to present the At Home: Mezcal Masterclass.

The At Home: Mezcal Masterclass offers a virtual tasting that can be enjoyed at home with some friends, and is ran by a professional barman. As well as learning the roots of the classic Mexican beverage, you will also be advised as to how the included beverages should be consumed.

As this is an interactive experience, you are free to ask questions. In fact, it is encouraged. If you are not ready to face the outdoors just yet, or just want to enjoy a unique experience that can be enjoyed at home, then why not consider the Mezcal Masterclass.

Learn Blues Guitar in the Living Room with a Musical Legend

Have you been wanting to learn guitar but still have not found the right teacher? Then why not consider the Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend stay-at-home experience?

The difference with the Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend lesson is that you will be put in the very capable hands of none other than ex-guitarist of The Stranglers, John Ellis.

John will teach several guitar techniques that can be learned from the living room, as the lesson is carried out in Zoom. As well as learning the chord sequences needed to master 12-bar blues, you will also be shown how to perform slides, wams and hammer-ons in style.

Supercharge Your Ping Pong Skills with the Smash Stay-at-Home Table Tennis Experience

Regardless of what your interests are, it is likely you will have enjoyed a game of table tennis at some point. Although the concept of table tennis is simple, it can take some practice to perfect your chops and smashes.

In the past, perfecting your ping-pong skills may have meant visiting a dedicated class, but that no longer must be the cases thanks to the Smash Table Tennis experience.

Not only does the Smash stay-at-home experience offer everything you need to enjoy a game of ping-pong safely in the home, but also offers coaching from NLTTA founder Julian.

The kit includes two professional Sanwei rackets, eight balls and a Flex-net that can be affixed to surfaces without causing damage.

Learn the Creativity of Lino Cutting from the Comfort of Your Home

Difficult times have meant that many have embraced their creative side in different ways. Those tired of the conventional creative avenues may want to try their hand at lino cutting.

The At Home: Lino Cutting stay-at-home experience delivers undertones of yesteryear and allows you to create bespoke greeting cards and wrapping paper with ease. Sure, there are plenty of apps that allow you to personalise gifts but carrying out the creativity with your own hands delivers a truly original gift idea.

Everything needed to enjoy your Lino Cutting stay-at-home experience is provided, including soft lino, an A5 printing board, tracing sheets and lino cutter. There is also professional video tuition to ensure that you are learning the skills of lino cutting in the quickest time possible.

The stay-at-home experiences listed are just an overview of the options available at Indytute. As well as providing a wide range of stay-at-home experiences, Indytute also offers unique London experiences that come in many different guises.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a celebration, then why not browse the extensive range of experiences available on Indytute or take advantage of the Indytute Gift Card that can be redeemed against many of the available London experiences.

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