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People love to catch up with friends and loved ones in a bar, but it is fair to say that some beers leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, there has been an upsurge in craft beers that sidesteps the bulk manufacturing process.

Instead, craft beer is made traditionally, meaning that there is more body and taste. Keen to offer an original experience, the London Craft Beer Cruise uniquely celebrates craft beer.

The London Craft Beer Cruise offers a tour of some of London’s landmarks while you enjoy a variety of craft beers. If you are hoping to enjoy the cruise with a non-beer drinker, then do not worry. As well as the selection of craft beers, there are also cocktails and soft drinks to choose from, so there is never a reason to give up.

The experience takes place aboard the pride of London, and the full cruise lasts for four hours and allows you to view sights that include The Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. As the event takes places during lunchtime, there will also be food served during the excursion.

A Fabulous Father’s Day Gift

We all want to find the perfect Father’s Day Gift, but it is not always as easy as we would like. Fortunately, Indytute can offer a wide variety of London experience that is perfect for Father’s Day. Including the London Craft Beer Cruise.

Dads will love any gift they receive, but those looking to give their father a special treat will love what the London Craft Beer Cruise experience has to offer.

Your dad can sit back, enjoy some craft beers as he watched the world go by, and you are more than free to join him.

Those looking or an extra-special Father’s Day Gift will find that the London Craft Beer Cruise is perfect.

Try Some Delicious Original Craft Beer in New Surroundings

Although craft beer can be purchased, not everyone wants to consume them at home. There can also be instances where the selection available is not as original as some would like. The London Craft Beer Cruise not only allows you to sample some of the finest craft beers available, but also allows you to kick back and relax while you take in the sights.

A Date with a Difference

Are you looking to spend time with a loved one in a different way? Or maybe you want to surprise you partner with a surprise trip? In either instance, the London Craft Beer Cruise is perfect. What could be better than sitting back and enjoying some beverages as you observe some of the most iconic sights in London?

A trip to the pun is all good and well, but those looking for a date with a difference will love what the London Craft Beer Cruise experience has to offer.

Enjoy an Original Tour of London

Anyone that has visited London will know that there are plenty of tours to choose from, but not all of them have the qualities that some are looking for. For example, although some people are more than happy to walk during their tour, others may be looking for something more restful.

If you are wanting to enjoy a tour of London without being out of breath, then why not choose the London Craft Beer Cruise and enjoy a tour of London with a difference?

Just One of Many Drink-Inspired London Experiences

The choice available in relation to alcoholic beverages means that people are keen to enjoy their favourite drinking in the right surroundings. The London Craft Beer Cruise London experience is just an example of some of the experiences available on Indytute.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something that can be carried out from the comfort of the home, or you’re looking for something that helps then learn a new skill, you can be sure that there is a London experience available.

Purchase London Experiences Safely and Quickly

Those searching for the perfect gift idea usually do not have time on their side. Fortunately, Indytute can forward London experiences immediately after purchase. Simply choose the London experience you want to purchase and enter your payment details, and you can send the London experience to the recipient of your choice.

Full instructions of how the London experience can be redeemed will be detailed in the email, and customers can be confident that all details entered into the website are kept secure.

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