Hammer, Slide and Wham! Blues Guitar

Hammer, Slide and Wham! Blues Guitar

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Learn blues guitar with The Stranglers' ex-guitarist, John Ellis.


Anyone wanting to master the blues guitar couldn’t get instruction from a more knowledgeable source.  In this immersive lesson, John will teach you common chord sequences for a 12-bar blues tune and show you how to play the blues in the most important keys.


Get to grips with hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, whams and turnarounds, palm muting and chugging – and that’s just for starters. During the last part of the session, entitled 'Putting it all together', you'll have the chance to jam with John and play a couple of classic blues pieces


The class is aimed at beginners, but the more you know the more you're likely to get out of it. At the very least, you should already be able to play a basic scale and the following chords: E, A B7, G, C, D.

Classes take place on the first Saturday of each month and each caters for a maximum of 10 people.  The experience is 4 hours and held in East or Central London. Important: Guitars are not provided – you'll need to bring your own acoustic on the day. 

Minimum age 16 (get in touch if you have someone in mind who is younger).

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