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Recent world events have meant that access to activities has been restricted. Fortunately, the online world has meant that access to some of our favourite hobbies is still possible. Indytute is an expert in all forms of experiences and has curated a series of creative workshops and experiences designed to help you prosper when at home.

Regardless of whether you want to learn a new skill or find something immersive to pass the time during lockdown, there are is plenty of choice available at Indytute.

Screen Printing Kit

The following is an overview of some exciting and creative experiences that can be ordered online and delivered promptly to your door.

Create Your Own Attire with the At Home Screen Printing Kit

Have you ever wanted to master the art of creating your own unique tote bag or t-shirt from the comfort of your own home? If so, then the At Home Screen Printing Kit is for you.

Everything you need to create your own screen-printed design is included in the kit, including a screen, a squeegee, water-based inks, as well as several templates.

Do not worry if this is you first time with screen printing, as the At Home Screen Printing Kit includes step by step guidance, as a well as a free live class worth £20.00.

Regardless of where you want to become creative at home or are searching a gift for artistic minds, then the At Home Screen Printing Kit is the perfect purchase in both instances.

Perfect Your Pottery with the At Home Clay Club and Paint

Pottery is a pastime that has been popular for several generations, but current restrictions can mean that a visit to the studio is more complex that it has been in the past. Fortunately, Indytute can send the studio direct to your door, thanks to the At Home Clay Club and Paint.

Jack Laverick is a ceramic designer hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, and is famed for his creation of unique candle holders and passion regarding clay. The creative passion held by John was the reason why the At Home Clay Club and Paint was created.

The At Home Clay Club and Paint has everything needed to get stared, including 1.5 kg of clay, a series of cutter tools and a potter's rib, so you can get creative as soon as you receive the kit.

If you are unsure of where to start with the At Home Clay Club and Paint, then fear not. Indytute ensures everybody gets enjoyment from their creative kits and can offer a series of video tutorials hosted by Jack himself.

Prepare a Beautiful Burger Perfect for Vegans with the Dirty Vegan Kit

If you have recently gone vegan but are now pining for a delicious burger, then why not consider the ultimate burger kit not only delicious, but also the perfect banquet for vegans. As well as containing everything needed to create your delicious meals, including vegan patties, vegan cheese, skinny fries and pickled jalapenos.

There are enough ingredients for two people to ensure that the next vegan meal is one that will be remembered for some time to come.

Of course, the perfect burger is incomplete without afters or a beverage, so those who purchase the Dirty Vegan Kit will also receive some vegan cookie dough, Espresso Medatini and two servings of premium vodka.

Learn to Craft with Leather Using the At Home: Leather Cardholder Kit

There are plenty of platforms where people are selling their own handcrafted goods, and in many instances, they can make the big-name companies pale comparatively.

As such, it should come as no surprise that the artesian way of life is the perfect way of winding down, and those keen to work with leather can do so from the luxury of their living room.

As the name of the kit suggests, the At Home: Leather Cardholder Kit allows those with creative minds to craft their own bespoke leather cardholders at home.

The kit comes included with pre-cut leather sourced from Italy, in conjunction with waxed thread, needles and canvas cloth.

Not only can the creation of items at home offer some much-needed respite, but the cardholders produced are also ideal gift ideas for friends and family.

Go Bonkers for Bingo with the At Home: Bingo Night Kit

Many people love bingo and have done ever since its introduced in the 16th century. Although the game of bingo has evolved since its inception, there are many who are keen to embrace a new take on the classic game.

Although getting out nowadays can be restricted, this does not mean that people must forfeit their weekly game of bingo. In fact, the At Home: Bingo Night Kit not only brings the game directly to your doorstep, but also gives the immersive game an original spin.

This unique kit will impress even hardened bingo fans, which includes everything you need for an immersive game of bink, plus two Porn Star martinis and four cans of beer.

If you are looking for some atmosphere when dabbing, then fear not as the kit even includes a disco light.

Restrictions can be frustrating and upsetting, but Indytute has proved there is little reason to miss out, even in instances where we are not allowed to leave the home.

Indytute can offer various stay-at-home experiences which are catered to all types of interests, regardless of whether you want to become a musical maestro or a culinary chef.

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