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"All I really want is someone to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be all right. And, of course, they would have to be holding a plate of cheese at the time, just in case I got hungry." - Nick Hornby

Ah, British cheese. While many people around the world might only be familiar with cheddar or Stilton, the UK is actually home to over 700 different types of cheese. If you're looking to expand your palate and try some of the lesser-known varieties, there's no better place to do it than in London, which is home to a thriving cheese scene. 

First things first: if you're interested in cheese tasting in London, there are a few things you should know. For starters, there are plenty of cheese shops and markets throughout the city that offer tastings and samples. Some of the most popular include Neal's Yard Dairy in Covent Garden and Borough Market in Southwark. You can also book a cheese tasting experience with local experts and cheesemongers who will guide you through a selection of the best British cheeses. 

Now, onto the little-known facts about British cheese. Did you know that Cheddar cheese, one of the most popular types in the world, actually originated in the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England? Or that the oldest known British cheese is called Bryndza and dates back to Roman times?  If you didn't know the answers then brush up on your trivia before going on our best selling cheese crawl!

While you might be familiar with other popular varieties like Red Leicester or Double Gloucester, there are plenty of other lesser-known cheeses to try, such as Cornish Yarg or Lancashire Bomb. Of course, no cheese tasting experience would be complete without the perfect pairings and on a barge, of course!  How very indytute... 

In London, you'll find plenty of wine bars and pubs that specialize in cheese and wine pairings, as well as craft beer and cider pairings for those who prefer something different. Some popular spots include The Cheese Bar in Camden and The Drift in Liverpool Street. 

So, whether you're a cheese connoisseur or just looking to expand your knowledge, cheese tasting in London is our most popoular Indytute experience and not to be missed. With a wide variety of cheeses, expert guides, and plenty of delicious pairings, it's no wonder that British cheese has become a beloved staple around the world and to all our indytute customers.

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