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Finding time to spend with loved ones can be challenging at times, so it makes sense when people spend time with their dad, they want to ensure that they are making the most of their time together.

Fortunately, there are plenty of London experiences that are perfect for sending time with dad, regardless of what their interests are.

The following is a mere overview of the immersive and original London experiences that are perfect when treating your dad.

Make Musical Milestones and Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend

John Ellis is a living legend in the world of music, having been part of some of the biggest bands in the world, including The Strangler. As such, those wanting to get the most from their guitar playing can be confident that they are in good hands.

John is a patient and inspiring teacher that will help you break down the concept of guitar playing before showing you how to put it all together.

If you want to spend times with your dad and take part in an experience that can be used for future bonding sessions. Then look no further than the Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend London experience.

Enjoy the Gastronomical Side of London with the Camden Cravings Food Tour

People have different passions in life, which is why Indytute offers a range of experiences for all interests, including those with a fondness for food.

Although going out for a meal is enjoyable, there will be times when people are searching for something original in their dining experience, especially when ding with their dad.

Indytute understands the importance of choice, and the Camden Cravings Food Tour is the perfect example of some of the innovative London experiences available.

This food-infused tour takes place in the same haunt frequented by music superstars back in the day, and now offers some of the best food that can be found in London, including cheese and puddings.

The areas you will be visiting along the way include Buck Street and Lock Market, with plenty of food samples to enjoy along the way.

Learn the History of London in 4 Drinks from the Comfort of the Living Room

Just because an experience should be memorable does not mean it cannot be enjoyed from the comfort of the home, as exemplified by the Gift It: The History of London in 4 Drinks London experience.

If you and your dad prefer nights in rather than nights out, then the Gift It: History of London in $ Drinks is the perfect choice. The tour is carried out online, and customers will receive a tasting box in the post containing a collection of coffee, beer, gin and tonic.

As well as sampling some of the finest beverages in London, the virtual tour will also detail the historical happenings of coffee houses, tea salons and pubs prominent in the popularity of these beverages.

Experience Cocktails and Tastings with the Whisky Lovers Tour and Tasting London Experience

Whisky is a drink that comes in several forms, but if you want to introduce your dad to some of the finest whisky in London, then the Whisky Lovers Tour and Tasting London experience is the perfect choice.

The tour takes place at the East London Liquor Company and introduces to some of the vital components used in the 100 years of whisky production. As well as learning more about the famous whisky of London, attendees will also enjoy whisky cocktails on arrival, and sample some of the finest whiskies the distillery has to offer.

If you thought the best whisky came from Scotland, then why not allow the Whisky Lovers Tour and Tasting London experience prove otherwise.

Learn About London During WWII with The Footsteps of Winston Churchill

If you have a dad interested in history, but want to enjoy something different when touring London, then why not consider The Footsteps of Winston Churchill London experience.

This unusual walking tour allows attendees to see London through the eyes of Winston Churchill and learn the fascinating tales about the successful statesmen, including details of where he dined, as well as discovering some of his location during one of the most iconic events in history.

The tour lasts for two hours and is an immersive and historical trek into London that offers something different from the conventional London walks available.

Chuckle at Current Events with NewsRevue: An Award-Winning Experience

There are times when the news is hard to swallow, and there can even be times when the news is unsettling. However, finding humour in times of strive has always been the British way, and NewsRevue is a comedic stance on current events and world news that strip away the anxiety of conventional media.

This slick comedy shoe never gets old, so those in attendance can be confident that the parodies, jokes, and quips are up to date and on point. Experience this together, click here for details.

If your dad enjoys a laugh, then why not treat him to one of the most memorable comedic London experiences available?

If you want to make the most of the time you spend with friends and loved ones, then why not consider on of the many London experiences available at Indytute today?

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