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What Experiences Are Available in London?

When it comes to experiences in London, there’s always something to do, but some may be searching for something original, while still being able to enjoy the beautiful landmarks and that the city of London can offer.

Get a Birds Eye View of London and More

Although many may have experienced London from a ground level or open-top bus, nothing really compares to the birds-eye view that the Take Flight experience.

As the name suggests, rather than riding atop a bus, you are flying in the air with experienced pilots allowing you and your partner to see London from a brand-new perspective.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to explore the beautiful countryside of Buckinghamshire or breathe in the atmosphere of Brighton in a new way, those partaking in the experience can choose their excursion point and date.

Master Your Inner-Musician with a Harmonica Masterclass

If you thought that you could never master the harmonica, then think again. As well as being used by some of the most recognised talents in the world, the harmonica also has a unique character that’s difficult to mimic, offering a whole new layer to songs.

Of course, people don’t need stars in the eyes when it comes to learning the harmonica, as it’s also a lot of fun to play as a hobby.

However, some can find that the starting point is the most difficult, which is where the Harmonica Masterclass can be of benefit.

The 90-minute class takes place in Shoreditch, London and helps attendees learn the three Bs: Breath, Bars and Blues.

Attendees will need to bring along a ten-hole diatonic in the key of C or they can buy one on the day, they will learn how to play single notes and chords with ease.

Catch the Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure?

Have you ever watched “The Italian Job” and fancied a bit of the action? Although there are no gold heists on offer, you and two friends can experience the next best thing with the Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure

You and your friend will be transported to at least three of the best gin bars in London, with your driver also acting as a guide.

As well as experiencing London in a brand-new way, those who partake in the Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure will get a delicious gin at each stop at some of London's most iconic gin bars and is ideal for both small and large groups of people.

What Makes The Perfect Sausage?

You haven’t really experienced London until you’ve tried out some of the local delicacies, such as jellied eels and pie and mash, but what about the perfect sausage?

The humble sausage can sometimes be overlooked for more exuberant and exotic dishes, but The Perfect Sausage experience brings the love of the sausage back to the forefront of people’s minds.

This class caters for two and tells everything you need to know about creating the perfect sausage.

You will be under the guidance of a specialist butcher based at Hampstead Butchers and will learn about the ingredients used, as well as the skills need to link the sausages afterwards.

There are a lot of experiences available in relation to food, but The Perfect Sausage is the perfect experience for foodies looking to reintroduce themselves to dishes that could otherwise be considered conventional.

Steam Down Regent’s Canal in a HotTug

We’ve all heard of a hot tub, but what is a HotTug? If you’re looking for an experience that’s unlike no other, and an alternative break from everyday life, the HotTug experience is for you.

The HotTug is a woodfire-fuelled hot tub that offers a new way of experiencing London. The warm water, which is fresh for every experience party, will keep you cosy whatever the weather. Our favourite time of year for the HotTug is through winter - just make sure you have that towel ready for when you get out. 

Drinks are welcomed on the HotTug, although you should note that those in control of the HotTug will not be able to drink.

However, the prospect of a new experience that offers a genuinely different way of enjoying downtime is an alluring prospect.

All HotTugs ensure water is heated to 38 degrees, so all you need to worry about is which swimming costume you want to use.

Immerse Yourself in the Musical Past with the Rock and Stroll Walking Tour

London has been the focal point of many musicians, so it should come as no surprise that the city offers a slew of memories that relate to famous musicians, and this extraordinary tour will tell you everything you need to know in relation to the history of music in London.

What’s more, the guide isn’t someone reading from a script, but a bona fide musician that can recall all the musical memories of yesteryear, as he was a large part of it.

As well as touring with Peter Gabriel and being a member of the Stranglers, John Ellis also co-founded other bands, including Bazooka Joe and The Vibrators.

Listen to tales about Adam Ant and David Bowies, while learning tales of the live recordings that John Ellis was a part of.

This tour doesn’t repeat what you’ve heard before, this is a brand-new take on the historical music roots of London with stories that never quite made it to the red banners and magazines.

The tour can accommodate ten people, and as well as two hours of immersive and fascinating talks, attendees will also be given a signed copy of John Ellis’s solo album.

These experiences are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exciting and original ways of experiencing London.

If you’re looking for a unique take on the London experience, or just want to try something new, then why not browse the extensive range of experiences in London today.


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