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Whether it be dad, a big brother, best friend or grandpa, Father’s Day is fast approaching, and let’s be real – sometimes the dads in our lives are SO hard to shop for. Even though we should show our appreciation at every chance we get, dads get this one special day in the year that is dedicated to celebrating the positive impact they have on our lives. Yes, the man who taught you the real definition of responsibility, and guided you to become a respectable person (the same man who taught you every bad joke there is, and still insists on critiquing your driving skills every time he’s in the car). This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 19th of June, and after 2 years of being offered the Father’s Day free pass (thank you pandemic), you’re going to want to make this year’s event one for the books.

At The Indytute, we think dads are pretty cool. They work almost as hard as mums, after all, so dads really do deserve a treat on Father’s Day. Sadly, traditional Father’s Day gifts just don’t quite cut the mustard. Socks, cufflinks, ties… it’s really hard to get excited about receiving the same generic, mass-produced type of gift every year. It’s no wonder that these immediately get stuffed into a drawer as soon as they have been received, to be forgotten about for another year until a new Father’s Day arises. Would he even notice if you simply regifted them?! Clearly it is time to break out of the boring, traditional mould and make Father’s Day extra special this year!

Sure, you could always get him a “World’s Best Daddy” personalised gift with a photo of your smiling face on it, but we hate to break it to you… that isn’t what he wants. He might coo over it, tell you it’s beautiful, and feel obliged to display it, but we know he’d much rather have a fun gift that he can actually enjoy. It’s just as well then that you’ve come to the right place.

Whatever it is that your dad is into, we've got you covered. If the dad or father figure in your life has a passion for cars, loves his grub, or prides himself on his athletic heyday, we’ve got just experiences required to bring you all even closer. To make life less complicated, we’ve rounded up the best Father’s Day activities, including the ultimate ~out of the box~ gift ideas to really wow your pops! All of these activities are sure to spark memories that you’ll cherish, and with any luck, they may even become the start of a new Father’s Day tradition that you can enjoy together for years to come.

Check them out below….

  • For the Foodie Father - Why indulge in one cheese when you can have six? Our Afternoon Cheese for Two is the perfect opportunity for your dad to devour as much dairy as he can, while sat on a barge on the Regents Canal, wine in hand, with all of the pairings. What’s not to love? 
  • For the Papa-Bear Grylls of the World - Let your dad channel his inner hunter by exploring and discovering all of the delicious morsels that sprout around the city! As an added bonus, this foraging experience will provide him with the expert know-how to keep him out of A & E. 
  • For the Sofa Surfers: Take lads’ curry night to a whole new level with a 3-month, totally delicious curry night cooking kit. Packed with all the pre-measured spices your dad and his pals need to spill across the floor and leave mum to clear up afterwards! In no time at all, your kitchen will be smelling like a top Indian restaurant, so put the street to shame and give your dad something to really boast about. 
  • For the Wet Your Whistlers - Bars. Remember those? Nope, neither do we. Fortunately, our new virtual masterclass oozes sophistication from the brickwork of Map Maison in east London, and will introduce your Pops to the finer things in life, with the history, flavours and style of Japanese Whisky.
  • For the Peter Pans Pops who Never Grow up - Admit it, we’ve all had a moment of skateboard envy watching the cool dudes who have total control of the board. Well guess what… it’s never too late to become one of those cool dads. For the man in our lives who never seems to grow up, a crash course in skateboarding stardom is exactly what he needs to embrace his inner child. We even throw in a Go-Pro video from the lesson, ready and waiting for the You’ve Been Framed application. 
  • For an Oldie but a Goodie: Never mind following in his footsteps, why not follow in his Classic Mini Cooper! To celebrate the man you adore, this tour will take you both to one of the best local coffee houses in the city, get you tucking into a street food lunch at one of the local markets, and stopping off at a traditional English pub for an afternoon tipple, before finally winding up in an artisan chocolatier to satisfy the sweet tooths. 
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