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It’s that time of year again when Father’s Day is fast approaching and the battle of the siblings is set to begin. Whose present will be the best? Whose will be the biggest? … Whether you’re the top dog in the sibling pack, a Malcolm in the middle, or the baby of the group, it’s time to get one over on your siblings and make dad love you the most!


So, what can you get him that will really leave your siblings gasping? Keep reading, as we’ve got just the thing!

With so many ways to celebrate your dad on Father’s Day, it can be a real challenge to decide what to do. With the annual tradition of picking out the perfect gift followed by writing meaningful messages in his card being a staple, the wonders of filling the day with activities surrounded by the people he loves most is often overlooked. And it’s here where you can really gain your competitive advantage! Giving your dad the gift of time together as a family is an experience you really can’t beat – no matter how many pairs of socks and limited edition Lynx Africa sets you throw his way!

At The Indytute, we’ve ditched the stereotypes of the gifting world to specialise in nothing other than bringing unconventional and meaningful gift experiences right to your door (literally!). With a variety of London experience days for the city lovers, or home kits for the dads who prefer to chillax, there’s something here for everyone.

Check out our most popular picks – guaranteed to give you the fast track to “Favourite Child”:

  • For the Hunter Gatherers – There is absolutely nothing like the smell of the cooking outside in the open air. But there is barbecue cooking, and there is cooking over a proper fire, which is altogether more exciting, and distinctly primeval. This Father’s Day, let dad embrace his inner man by letting him learn how to tame the fire and create delicious meals over wood. The ultimate Hunter Gatherer experience! 
  • For the Movie Marvels – For a real showstopper this Father’s Day, why not give your Pops a front row seat to the coolest cinema we know at Shoreditch’s specialist liquor store and cocktail bar. Sit and sip a classic cocktail, while watching a cult classic Hollywood hit or independent gem (even mum will appreciate this one!). 
  • For the Foodie Father – Why indulge in one cheese when you can have six? Our Afternoon Cheese for Two is the perfect opportunity for your dad to devour as much dairy as he can, while sat on a barge on the Regent’s Canal, wine in hand, with all of the pairings. What’s not to love? 
  • Or hey, why not ‘Froome’ your way through Father’s Day with a Landmarks Cycle Tour – this is a real tour to remember, as you get to cycle the highways on a ‘sit up and beg’ Pashley bicycle. On the Old City tour, you will be taken off the beaten track to discover London as a ‘working city’ from Roman times to the present day. All the grit and glory – from the sailors to the docks, with a touch of street art – washed down with a pint of traditional ale at a riverside pub on the way. Now that sounds like Father’s Day to top the charts! 
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