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There’s only one thing to do. Take lockdown and give it a huge hug. Treat yourself, treat others.

Clare Hastings (Head of Some Things at The Indytute) 

This is not the time for draconian lifestyle choices. Here at The Indytute we like to give good times. Yes, at the moment it is tricky, but little things can bring a surprising amount of pleasure. Our stay at home experiences are a treat in a box. Imagine receiving an unexpected afternoon tea, or discovering you really do have an artistic bent. 

Our stay at home experiences always come in a box, beautifully conceived and put together by our teachers and partners, who take very personal pride and interest in the contents. These kits are not mass produced, they are our answer to lockdown, helping individuals who can’t get out or be there in person.

Below are some of our most stay at home experiences. Think birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, YOU DAY. 

So who’s likely to be waiting by the door for their home delivery? 

Anyone really ……. (these could, possibly be real life Indytute customers... but their names have been changed just in case ;) )

Dad Picasso, is in charge of the education syllabus at number 45.  His daughter Billie is nine, and irritatingly unreceptive to his skills. To pass the endless hours between homeschooling (ten minutes of misery) and homeschool lunch, Picasso enjoys a wind down with a little block of lino and his cutting tools. He finds inspirational quotes are simple to achieve, and work brilliantly, especially when art, along as it transpires with everything else, was never his strongest subject. 

‘Smile, breathe and they will go away’ is on the block at the moment. A personal favourite.

Lino cutting Stay at Home Experience >>

stay home creative experience kit


Patrick and Kevin can’t remember the last time they actually went and sat down in ‘The Tea Cake’, which is only on take-aways at the moment.  The last foray ended in disaster. By the time they reached home the eclairs had split open (Kevin had a moment with a dog walker), and the macaroons had taken on a life of their own. Patrick sulked for the rest of the day, blaming both the dog and Kevin. The planned treat was not a success. Next time they are going for the gold standard - a luxury cream tea, delivered right to the door. Kevin just has to open it - the door - Patrick will cope with the jam and scones.

Valentine's Deluxe Afternoon Tea this way >>

 Stay Home Experience Afternoon Tea Delivered

Tom really didn’t know how much he missed a ‘proper’ burger
, until he didn’t have one. He tried the take-aways, but somewhere between box and lip they lost the ‘hmmmmm’ factor. For weeks, and now months he has passed the time eating his way through the Deliveroo menus, each time hoping that the perfect burger would

emerge, but whether it was cheese or bun they all fell short. Then Tom experienced his lightbulb moment. Cook it yourself. Of course you did need the sauces, the buns, the cheese and the fries to make your filthiest food fantasy come true, so bring on a ‘Dirty Burger’ kit . Tom’s only problem now is how to cram this bad boy between his teeth.

Burgers Delivered >> 

burgers delivered DIY kits

Who would have thought it was so simple? Having lived thirty six years, and shared eighteen of them with the same little spice jars. Anya had grown attached. They were friends, transported from uni to flat share, to first home. They were still nearly full and in these difficult times it seemed a pity to waste them. Curry hadn’t been an issue until recently, when The Taj in the village closed. Then a close friend shared a secret. She didn’t need the jars, she just needed ‘The Spicery’. She could become a curry legend without putting a lockdown toe out of Hampshire. Suddenly her kitchen was filled with deliciousness, as spices blended and ground with love arrived (along with a recipe card) via the letterbox. Anya's life became more Korma and ultimately Karma.

DIY Curry Kit >> 

DIY Curry Kit

Dakota was now spending a portion of the day thinking about future supper clubs. Table design is constantly on her mind. She already has an Instagram devoted to tablecloths, which has collected hundreds of ‘likes’. In order to keep ahead of the game, she is thinking of designing her own napkins. She might theme them to events - bunnies for Easter, hearts for Valentines day, tennis balls for Wimbledon. She has sent for a home screen printing kit. If it is a success, she will make limited edition sets and sell them! In her mind she has already opened her very own napkin shop (there is a small vacant unit, near to the tube) and is considering her branding. Maybe napkin rings could be a sideline. Her friend Helena is doing some wonderful things with raffia.

Stay at Home Experience Screen Printing Kit >> 

 Stay At Home Screen Printing Kit

Jeff has lost his heart to the clay. There under the stairs, in a small spot that formerly housed coats, he has created a miniature indoor studio. Here he keeps his tools, paints and blocks of clay. Nobody else is allowed in. This is not hard as there is only room for one person sitting primarily in the hallway. It is a bit dark, but he has found  a headband torch - a forgotten Christmas gift from way back - and it works brilliantly. When he goes to ‘the studio’, he finds time disappears. Jeff has discovered mindfulness. He has created a clay head,similar he feels to  ‘The Scream’ by Munch,  and a very small version of the ‘terracotta army’ is now on the march. He never knew he had it in him.

At Home Experience Air Dry Clay Kit >>

Clay Club Air Dry Clay

Photo credit: @armoniauk

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