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Treats by post. What's not to love? Knock, knock. Who's there? Mr Postie. Mr Postie who? Postie with a parcel of pancakes… 

The Indytute home delivery service is all about bringing some of our experiences into your house, and while we can't quite squeeze our gin tour by Mini Cooper into your lounge, we can set you on the road to the history of Japanese whisky. Our virtual cocktail class comes complete with a box of sampling sizes from the MapLab and with Father's Day looming, need we say more? 

The magic begins as soon as you open the box. Maybe you've opted for the perfect pancake to griddle at home. The box comes stuffed with parcels – flour, maple syrup, buttermilk, eggs, bacon – to help you create the perfect breakfast with a little help from our favourite pancake restaurant Where the Pancakes Are

Maybe you thought you'd like to spend a therapeutic afternoon kneading clay. Look in the box. There's clay obviously, but that's only the start. A potter's rib, a clay cutter, a little sponge. Oh my, oh my.

What's in this box? Jesmonite? Oh yes, I can make my own terrazzo plant pot. Oooh there's the mould, sandpaper, sealant, colours. Everything I need is in the box! 

That's the point. No need to search the house for a vital bit of kit essential to finish a project. It's all there for you – and did we mention our new sourdough kit? It has everything you need, including that ever-elusive flour, from the starter to the lame. Because you haven't really lived through lockdown until you've made a loaf…

A lot of our home boxes come with an online tutorial, so don't worry, you aren't thrown to the wolves. Our instructors are there as always to help you succeed with your new project. They're not only our trusted teachers and friends, but the heart of our experiences.

And of course you can always send a box out to a mate. A special home delivery makes a great gift. Use them for birthdays, virtual get togethers – and yes, Father's Day (did we mention that already?)

It's all very Indytute. A couple of hours of distraction, with something really rather lovely at the end of it: a curry, an upcycled plate, a mindful picture or just a cheerful drink alongside an informative talk. And we're pleased to say that we're now able to share our experiences with everyone outside London.

Sending good times by the box. Knock knock!


Special deliveries are a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday while social distancing, and here are some other ideas for making it one to remember: 8 New Ways To Celebrate A Birthday During Quarantine

(main image: blitzmaerker) 

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