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You've probably got more than a few little green friends knocking around. Cacti and succulents are the house plant trend du jour, being easy to look after and pretty darn cute. And cute plants need a cute home to live in, right?

A colourful terrazzo pot is the perfect accessory to any green friend, whether it's short and spiky or tall and velvety. If you're not quite sure what we're on about, terrazzo is a shiny, speckled style of stone that dates back to Italy 500 years ago, when it was created as a way of using up surplus marble – brownie points for its sustainable origins, too. 

Marble chips are set into clay or cement (nowadays they're often set into resin and polished until shiny for a more modern finish) and then ground flat for a more comfortable walking surface. Voilà! A unique totally unique floor, with markings pleasingly reminiscent of a Cadbury's Mini Egg.  

Half a century after its emergence, terrazzo was also very en vogue in the 70s, when it was used for walls, tables and anything you fancy, thanks to the newfound ability to create thin-set terrazzo. The markings inspired interior designers around the world. In fact, look a bit more closely at the grubby floors of tube stations and you might spot a similar pattern… 

But given space to shine, terrazzo is beautiful. Given the current mood for all things 70s, it's not surprising the interior décor world is going dotty for terrazzo, using it for curtains, lampshades and more. Some designers are giving it a modern twist by using glass or metal fragments rather than stone chippings – a kind of 70s take on industrial chic. 

What is terrazzo? A terrazzo plant pot 

But enough about the history. More about the pretty pots! Luckily you don't have to have spare bits of marble, glass or anything else to make a sweet home for your favourite plant. We've created Terrazzo Home Kits, where you'll get everything you need to whip up a pot of your own, including a comprehensive online tutorial. Chips ahoy…


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(Main image: Pixabay/Free-Photos. Plant pot image: taken by Theo Deproost, styled by Charlie Murry and produced by It’s Mutual)

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