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Things to do for Father's Day by Clare Hastings (Head of Some Things at The Indytute)

Mother’s Day is inclined to be slightly formulaic - bunch of flowers, breakfast in bed, card, high five, job done. Father’s Day can be more of a panic, for the obvious reason that dad would rather not do anything much at all. Remember Christmas? Perfectly nice, enjoyed the lunch, but quite pleased when it’s all over. 

It is of interest that more money is spent on dad for his special day, than mum. This isn’t because they want more, in fact they probably want less. This is a giver dilemma. Somewhere between the socks and the optical flow positioning drone, complete with double cameras, you lost the plot. An element of panic to set in. Will the socks seem inadequate and uncaring?

Anyway, not wanting to be left out, here are some Indytute ideas to show dad he is special.


Could this be the ultimate shed?

1. Leave him alone entirely

Gather together the children, granny and the dog and quit the house for the entire day  (not just a couple of hours, that’s a quick break). If you are feeling particularly generous, then leave him a few beers and a couple of packets of fatty, fatty crisps (there are some very cool ones out there, but he would probably prefer a return to salt and vinegar - in fact get the extra size packet the one he’s not normally allowed). If the children are small, they can give him their card, but that’s it. Toes lively.

2. Allow him to choose

This is similar to above, but you all stick together. This is ideal for the more social dad. Don’t make him go anywhere he doesn’t fancy. If he wants to have burnt sausages in the garden, he can. If he wants to invite a mate or two, That’s fine too. Allowing him to choose may require a couple of days pre planning (not longer, or he’ll panic).  The most important thing to remember is there will be no raising of eyebrows, or any negative comment about the choices. No micromanagement.  This is his day. 

3. Spend time with him under the stairs / shed / cupboard

This is more of a boys together day. Women are not wanted or needed in the man space. They get in the way, or worst of all start tidying up ‘I think it would be nicer if all the screws were in labeled boxes’.  Boys universally get man space, age is not a barrier. Some girls may too, but they get bored with the mansplaining. Once in the shed men can pontificate on the best way to hang up a cycle, or catalogue their lego without interference. This is an ideal dad day, with a short break so everyone can gather for a roast dinner at the gastro pub.

The whole point of all of the above is to give dad some autonomy. The secret to the whole event is in the name. FATHER’S DAY.


If the thought of a family day together appeals you might like a private table tennis masterclass, the East London Wine Walk or a brilliant cycle tour round London.

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