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 Usually, when Mother's Day comes around we tend to think of our own Mothers, or those who've acted as a Mother figure in our lives. But this year, it feels a little different...

It's not just our Mum's that are on our mind. It's all of the Mums doing such a fabulous job in such difficult times. 

It's our best friends who are holding down full time jobs, while teaching three different school years from the kitchen table.

It's our partners, who have mastered the chaotic tag team, home-school schedule. "You take them to the kitchen, I'll hide in the bedroom, let's not to recreate that BBC interview ."

It's the new Mum's who longs for their friends to meet their newborn.

It's the single mum, who's done this single handedly without complaint everyday for the last year.

It's the Mum who suddenly has her whole flock move back in.

And of course, it's about our own Mum's, who many of us haven't got to see as much as as we'd have liked this year. 

Whatever ‘Mother’ means to you, this is the time to celebrate the bond you have with the women that have made you who you are. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to say thank you this Mother’s Day, we’ve got some inspiration. ❤️

The ‘Arty’ Mum.

Clay Club & Paints

Oh how the tables have turned - send her a kit, but don't be surprised if it's your fridge that ends up covered in home-made works of art!

Check out our range of cute kits delivered directly to their door. Get messy with a Clay Club kitcreate wire sculptures or learn the art of kintsugi (also great if you have a clumsy mum!) or go the eco route and gift her her very own make your own beeswax wrap kit!


The ‘Active’ Mum.

Disco yoga

She’s on the go, she’s running, she’s cycling, she’s giving the kids a run for their money (and probably everyone else too…)!

The active mum is a force of nature but likes to enjoy it too, so she's probably climbing the walls this lockdown. 

Let her go solo or join her for Disco Yoga on Zoom. Giggling's good for your abs, we promise!


The ‘Foodie’ Mum.

Cream tea

She's missing eating out, bored of the same old take away options and, frankly, can't face another family dinner cooked by her own fair hand.

Never fear. You can brighten up the foodie Mum's day!

Get a decadent picnic sent to her house (veggie options available). Dash that diet with a Dirty Burger treat for the whole family (she deserves it) or, get in the good books with an amazing Curry kit

She'll thank you for weeks to come as a new recipe arrives each month for the next three months!


Mums To Be.

Baby showers are all looking a little different this year. 

Check our the cutest kit on the block, our At Home: Baby Moccasin Kit

This is not the kit to give someone the week after they’ve had a baby. They won’t thank you. Stick to flowers. They will thank-you if you make them yourself and then gift them ready to wear. Your very own mini moccasin miracle!

‘These are some I made earlier’ will gain you massive points. They are also a very original baby shower gift and absolutely ideal while parents still have the desire to make and create.  


The Mum that needs Breakfast in Bed

pancakes and poetry

The classiest kit around - Pancakes, prosecco and poetry.

Because we all know Prosecco is perfectly acceptable at brunch, when lovingly paired with buttermilk pancakes and a little Cohen or Kipling!

The breakfast in bed she'll really want.


Every ‘mum’.

Family Together

We know not everyone has a ‘mum’ and that can make this time of year difficult. We want to celebrate anyone who has stepped into this role; helped you, supported you, held your hand, made you cake, taught you about boys/girls, tackled the difficult questions head-on, taught you to be proud of who you are... to all the mums, sisters, aunts, friends, grandmas, family friends... We love you!

We genuinely believe that the best gift, whoever you are, is time spent together. We know that might not be possible right now, but we're eagerly waiting that moment were hoping comes soon!

Give time together to look forward to. All our Gift Cards are valid for 2 years and can be redeemed against any of our experiences, whether that's a dreamy dinner aboard a barge, coastal foraging, a gin safari by bicycle or so much more!


We wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tag us in your Mother’s Day surprises! We love seeing your time together.

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