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Hoorah for human resilience! In a year where we've said 'pivot' more than Ross in Friends getting a sofa up the stairs, we declare it love yourself and literally everyone else month ❤️

With Valentine's Day looming and our personal faves Palentine's and Galentine's just before, February brings connotations of socialising, schnoogling and shenanigans.

But... 2021, so far, hasn't allowed for a lot of the above mentioned so far, has it?

We gathered four of our favourite Instagrammers and Bloggers and asked them how they've been keeping friendships and relationships alive in these strange and sometimes lonely times. 

We're (if you hadn't noticed) a big fan of bringing people together and their answers rather warmed our cockles!


Midlife Maverick & Maker Biz Boss Saundra has an Instagram that'll put some sunshine in anyone's step. 

"Like many others I have turned online to keep in touch with friends and fam.

I am a Saggi so socialising is in my DNA! I love getting dressed up, going out and dancing so taking part in online dance lesson or Disco Bingo has been a lifesaver. An excuse to don some sparkle and do my hair and makeup.

And thank god for Houseparty! The family get together weekly for a Houseparty call which can lead to all manner of mischief.

We have also had a couple of goes at virtual Charades but after my other half tipsily revealed his bum (James and the Giant Peach) we have left that alone for the time being.

On Friday we celebrated my OH’s birthday with a virtual quizz, which proved a fun way to celebrate a lockdown b-day whilst offering some light relief. I cannot wait for IRL events to return.

I was about to launch my ‘denim clinic’ in April of last year where folk could bring along a loved denim jacket (or buy a pre-loved blank from me) for me to customise in my Crystal Palace studio… can’t wait for that to happen!"

Find Saundra on Instagram at @wearesos15 or check out her site www.sos15.co.uk

If you're a regular reader of the Indytute Insider, chances are you've seen Becca Collier pop up before - we're such a fan of her vibrant, uplifting account, blog and personality.  

"Like many others, I’ve found the various lockdowns really hard as a ‘people person’.

I’ve really made an effort to stay in touch with my friends and family. Whether that’s three hour phone calls or Zoom quizzes. Every month I make sure to ring my closest friend for at least three hours. We reason that we’d spend that amount of time together on a monthly basis, so it makes complete sense!

I can’t ring my friends and family every day, so I try to check in with them all with a quick message or hilarious TikTok!"

Find Becca on Instagram at @beccaaaacollier or check out her bog www.notanotherbloodyblog.com.


Jessica Dante is the founder of Love and London, a Youtube channel and digital media brand that helps London tourists to avoid the overhyped and overdone. 

"I found a fun way to keep in touch with family members and friends was to set up virtual game nights. This ranged from setting up a JackBox game night to just finding some pub quiz-style questions online and choosing a pub quiz master (usually me!) It's more fun than just hopping on another video call asking the same questions over and over again!"

Find Jess on Instagram at @loveandlondon, Youtube @loveandlondon or website www.loveandlondon.com.


@loveandlondon You'll find Dania writing for her own blogs or the incredible 'The Lifesyle Guide'. Here's how she's been keeping in touch during the past year. 

 "Lockdown definitely gave me the chance to bond with close friends on a different level. We all use each other a lot more for emotional support and the group chat has never been so active. We are always checking in on each other and sharing our latest purchases which often ends up with us all being influenced to go online shopping yet again.

The best thing has been the unexpected care packages we have been sending each other for a much-needed pick me up and it makes me shed happy tears every time.

From sweet smelling bath treats, chocolates, candles and framed artwork, you never know what it's going to be when a package turns up. As for my relationship which was previously long-distance, we have gone from seeing each other once a month to moving in together (it was only supposed to be for two weeks) and it has been a great opportunity for us to escape our usually busy lives to spend more time as a couple."

Follow Dania on Instagram - @d.at.the.lg or check out The Lifestyle Guide on Instagram, @lifestyleguidenews or directly on their site, www.thelifestyleguide.co.uk


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