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Meet Clare and Calypso of The Indytute.  Mother and Daughter. Our work life story.


You've probably spotted an email or two from me, Calypso, Head of Everything at The Indytute. Clare, Head of Some Things at The Indytute writes brilliant copy for The Indytute, helps with new ideas and keeps me sane.  We have worked together for the past fifteen years.  As Mother’s Day approaches here is a glimpse into our work life together.

Calypso, Daughter.


"I started to assist mum on tv commercial shoots when I was about 14. We should have known then that this was going to be the way things would be for the next 23 years or so. The first company we launched together was a giftware brand called ‘Clippykit’. It started off as a small idea, initially in mum’s kitchen, then her hall until the whole house was box city and we watched tv through a crack in the cardboard. It would shape our lives together for the next ten years.

We have travelled the world doing trade shows and relying on each other for support and entertainment, not just mentally but also in a very practical sense - we have built more trade stands than I care to think about and had to engage in every side of the company. Eventually, I licensed Clippykit - I wanted a business to give me more freedom and that didn’t tie me to a warehouse of stock. Gift experiences to give customers memories and adventures, so that they could do something different, together - The Indytute.

Mum had another career change in 2018 and has recently had TWO books published.  Still moonlighting for The Indytute but now I can't go past a book shop without spotting 'The House in Little Chelsea' or 'Gardening Notes from a Late Bloomer' in the window or by the till.  If it's not prominently on display it certainly is by the time I leave the shop ;).  Mum is currently the one doing the speaking circuit and press interviews.  I'm immensely proud.

We have very similar tastes and work ethic. When we go to meetings it’s the Clare and Calypso show - we’re are both very chatty, so no escape. Obviously, I don’t call her ‘mum’ when we involved in work, it’s very definitely ‘Clare’.

There is absolute trust, we have each others' backs at all times. I am constantly reminding her that ‘every day is Mother’s Day’." 

Clare, Mother.


Photo credit: The London Magazine

"Finding a different aspect to your daughter is interesting. It goes without saying that we get on (once spending 32 meals together on the trot, during a sales trip to the US, and we still found something to say by the end), not in a sugary way. We can both throw our toys out of the pram.

We are able to tell each other's moods at a glance, and the way Calypso says 'hello' on the phone is a pointer to the day. It never fails to amaze me how focused Calypso is when it comes to business. I am more of a butterfly, flitting between ideas. When she puts her mind to a project, she will push it through, bringing everyone alongside. So I think the best part, is how the relationship can still develop and grow. A constant source of fascination.

Before we started working together I was firstly a stylist and then a costume designer, working on television commercials. I ran my own business, as a freelancer, for thirty years, which feels like a long time in advertising.  When we started working together I had to make a decision. I tried to be a stylist and help run Clippykit for about a year, but it was soon pretty clear I had to decide which route I wanted to take. You can’t be all things. I went with Calypso - well why wouldn't you?"


Mother's Day March 31st. She loves something unique, thoughtful and of course YOU. We have Mother's Day sorted with our Indytute gift experiences for her.


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