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DIY Christmas. Normally a laughable idea – what with all the working and the eating and the boozing, who has time to whip up anything from scratch? Well, if there ever was a time to get stuck into the Christmas spirit, this is it. We've already sung the praises of making your Christmas gifts from scratch, but what about all the other festive favourites? 

The good news is that we've tracked down a couple of our favourite indies who are ready to give you a helping hand with handy kits, so you've already got a head start. You could even make a festive evening of it by teaming it with a cocktail kit

In the words immortalised by Blue Peter, here's one we made earlier…

Make your own gingerbread house

Festive food kits | gingerbread house

Maid of Gingerbread creates veritable palaces out of biscuit if you ask her nicely enough (by which we mean commission her to do so). From windmills to reindeer piñatas, she can make almost anything. Her designs are anything but twee – a heart-shaped biscuit is studded with iced flowers and delicate script declaring that “2020 can fuck right off”. Hear hear. This marvellous maid also offers kits with downloadable instructions so you can make your own at home, so you can make your own boxes, houses and the aforementioned festive pinata. 

Charcuterie Chalet

Festive food kits | Charcuterie Chalet

Image: @farmcurious

Gingerbread houses? Been there, done that. Charcuterie board? Got the t-shirt. Charcuterie chalets are the new dish in town, and we are here. For. It. OK, so you don't get a kit for this one – but prepare to put your creativity and physics skills to the test. Crackers form the scaffolding, held together by cream cheese. Then slivers of charcuterie are the accessories. A nice roof made of pastrami, perhaps? A lawn made out of sprigs of rosemary? Christopher Wren eat your heart out. 

Lyle's mince pie kits

Festive food kits | Lyle's mince pies

Image: styling by @tilly_vanilli_; photography by @antonrodriguez

One bite of these babies and you'll be rendered speechless. These aren't any old mince pies, ooooh no they are not. Lyle's being Lyle's (AKA excellent, keen to minimise waste and celebrate British produce), these oh-so-perfect pies use beef in the mincemeat and suet in the pastry. You get the pastry (pre-cut into circles), the mince and the cupcake cups and then you build it from there. The best bit? You get to eat them fresh out the oven and they are LIFE CHANGING.

The Cheese Bar Fondue It Yourself

Festive food kits : Cheese Bar Fondue It Yourself

Was there ever a Christmas Eve meal more appropriate than cheese fondue? Because why wouldn't you prep your stomach for the Big Day with a notoriously rich meal the night before. This particular fondue set from our favourites at The Cheese Bar uses lesser-known cheeses like coolea, plus dunkable items like cornichons, potatoes and crusty bread. The Seventies are calling, they want their dish back...

Burger & Lobster's lobster roll boxes

Festive food boxes | Burger & Lobster lobster roll kit

Image: @shaynewilliams

You have to get your Christmas Day breakfast right. It's a strategy game, you see. You need enough to see you through till early afternoon, but not so much you'll be too full for the main event. It needs to be easy to make, starchy to soak up mimosas, and above all, it must. Be. Boujee. Burger & Lobster to the rescue with their lobster roll kits: toast the brioche rolls, heat the pre-bottled sauce and pour it all over the fresh lobster. Oosh.

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Main image: Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

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