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Hands on Harry or Natural Nigel?

Why is it that ‘Father’s day’ always presents a slight problem? It’s not that dads are more exacting, only that a bunch of flowers never seems to hit quite the right spot. This is where The Indytute comes in handy. We do dads. Here's our alternative Father's Day gift guide.

Fathers Day Gift guide

Henry is a shadow of his former self. The kids adore him, and he throws himself into camping trips and cycle rides with abandon. His back has sagged under the weight of Mira who although only three is no light weight, and insists on ‘daddy shoulders’ when out for a totter round Shoreditch.  He is putty to her whims and too tired for much else.


The Good Hotel Overnight stay with Paddle Boarding
The Perfect Sausage
HotTug down London Regents Canal



Live and let live is Angus’s motto. He is much too charming for his own good - which stood him in good stead on the lone jungle trek through Borneo - "I said to the chief, take these boots, cost me a packet but they’ll keep your feet dry". His son Michael was brought up on these stories, and of course, believes every one.


Southbank Walking Dinner
Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power Station
Take Flight with Wingly



It’s impossible to keep Ed out of the kitchen. He is at his happiest ‘creating’. He does wish that Rosy hadn’t thrown away the end of the cucumber. He was saving it for pickles. He was also disappointed when Tyler launched her salad onto the floor. Boiled egg and tomato toadstools were to be her entre into gourmet dining.


Dinner aboard The Prince Regent
Ferment and Preserve
Gourmet Lunch on the Go


Fathers Day Gift Guide

It is the family joke that Man Shed Macroy is happiest in the shed. There is now an intercom between the house and the shed, so that mum can communicate without running up and down the garden. Of course, everything necessary to life is in the shed, including a gin optic he found in a skip.


East London Wine Walk
Rock ‘n Stroll Walking Tour with ex. Stranglers Guitarist, John Ellis

Harmonica Lesson



Fathers Day Gift Guide

Idris thinks that the level of children’s literature is poor. He has taken to reading Tamsin snippets from The Guardian to encourage political awareness, and spending quality time on weekend tours of Tate Britain, for an immersive art experience. Tamsin thinks that daddy is simply ‘the best’ and the cafe sells brilliant brownies.


Sunday Cinema at The Courthouse Hotel

5 x 15 Inspirational Talks




Ally wishes that Nigel would calm down. She is as keen as the next person on recycling, but it seems to have replaced work as the weekend occupation. Ally is also concerned that baby Tom is getting too much daddy bonding time, and is now looking for his breast rather than hers.


Hand building Pottery Class
Vegan Tea Afternoon Tea
Terrarium Design Class



Harrison loves retro games, craft beer and that new spectacle shop that open up on the green by the charcoal coffee house. Roxy and Dan want to grow up to be just like daddy.  He is setting an example with his cheery pink shirts, and love of knitting.


Wine and Fondue
Gin Safari by Bicycle
Craft Beer Cruise


  • Hoxton Hotel
  • Selfridges
  • Soho House
  • Stella Magazine
  • Stylist
  • Time Out
  • The Times
  • Press