TT Liquor is such a hidden gem (although it's in the heart of Shoreditch) and I have no idea why my friends and I haven't come here before! The 2 hours flew by and I felt like I wanted to keep learning and making.

I don't know what was more enjoyable - the making or the drinking of 4 delicious cocktails. This class was not only informative but also a lot of fun and by the end everyone was VERY tipsy and we were all making new friends. We learned how to crush, shake, mix, and stir 4 completely different tasting cocktails with different liquors to keep our taste buds fresh throughout the afternoon. I thought it would be challenging to remember everything, but the steps were explained so well that it felt completely natural by the end.

The biggest challenge was the competition at the end to put our skills to the test while we were judged on taste, presentation, and we had to name our drink. Seeing our drunken concoctions at the end was hilarious and was a great way to end the class and day (despite my team not winning...). We also learned how to set our Tiki cocktails on fire. I now need to open my own bar.

Cocktail Making Class TT Liquor
Cocktail Making Class TT Liquor
Cocktail Making Class TT Liquor
I feel like I've gained valuable hosting skills after this 2 hour class. I'm ready to have my friends over and confidently make them cocktails that not only taste delicious, but also look beautiful. I can't wait to show off my new skills!

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