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In 1863, The Metropolitan Railway opened the world’s first underground railway line, which ran between Paddington and Farringdon Street. In February 2011, an Instagram guru known only as ‘Miss Jess’ became obsessed with the beauty of the London Underground. The architecture, escalators and tunnels with their glittering lines were the inspiration for her alter ego @MissUnderground: ‘a girl in love with the London Underground’, so her Bio reads.

Using her iPhone 6, she began to capture and catalogue underground London. Jess still only uses her iPhone 7 to record the spaces and edit the shots. Her Instagram account currently has over 50k followers - and counting.

Jess was also one of the original founders of the Instagram Community in London, and still runs @IGersUKWe asked her to pick some of her favourite London underground stations and her favourite images of them.

Southwark StationSouthwark station

I always find it hard to choose my favourite London underground stations as they are all so different. But I do love the new ones like Southwark, on the Jubilee line, as they look like a scene from a Star Wars movie.

St Pauls StationSt Paul's station

I love the older stations like St Paul. They built them on a grand scale and have impressive architectural details, even though they were built a long time ago.

Bank stationBank station

Finsbury Park stationFinsbury Park station

Tottenham Court Road StationTottenham Court Road station

My favourite thing to capture is escalators as they are hypnotic to watch and they all have different angles, heights and lighting. They are very different but still very beautiful.

All images © Miss Underground. 

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