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Yes, yes there are a couple of months to go, but give this a thought... 

Use our experiences to create personal and rather fabulous Christmas gifts. Gifts that are designer-led but made by you. 

Now you may be the kind of person who prefers to go shopping on Christmas Eve, in which case skip this blog post. Or maybe try a new approach to the gift conundrum.  Pair learning a new skill with filling up the present drawer. 

And no, this isn’t all about soap (although our hand-made bars are very delicious, and individually wrapped in pretty paper with string, would elevate them to a new height). We really do think that you can find an Indytute gift to entrance and delight even tricky friends and family. 

Why not throw a pot? Make a candle? Design your own signature cocktail then bottle it?   Carve a pair of chopsticks? Create wreaths from succulents, make a stained glass window, print wax wraps….Christmas terrarium anyone? Wire robinsupcycle plates with personal messages, design a ring and then display it on your plaster hand cast …. we are O-N- F-I-R-E. 

You could even learn the ukulele to entertain the troops (although maybe wait until after lunch for this one). It’s all about a bit of lateral thinking. 

Make Christmas. It really is much more fun than just buying it…..

Message us to find out what's on or have a look at our calendar.


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