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Hold on. A blog about making gifts... but Christmas is several months away. 

Here at The Indytute we like to make sure we have a bit of spare time on our hands (that's what life's about isn't it?), so why not use our experiences to create personal and rather fabulous presents.

Pair learning a new skill with filling up the present drawer – whether they're for Christmas or not. 

And no, this isn’t all about soap (although our natural soap-making kit would elevate them to a new height). We really do think that you can find an Indytute gift to delight even tricky friends and family. 


Why not make a plant pot? A terrarium? Give your old china a boost?

You could hand paint a clutch bag; make some bespoke jewellery; or even use our lino printing kit to make a whole loads of lovely pressies. 

No matter who you've got in mind, or even if it's just yourself – we are O-N- F-I-R-E 🔥

These are the kinds of gifts that can really make Christmas. It really is much more fun than just buying it…..

image: Jeswin Thomas/Unsplash

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