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This time of year is all about celebrating the women in our lives and spending time with them, so it should be no surprise that we love Mother’s Day! 

Whatever ‘Mother’ means to you, this is the time to celebrate the bond you have with the women that have made you who you are. 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to say thank you this Mother’s Day, we’ve got some inspiration. Unique gifts for you and your mum, spending time together, doing something you love ❤️

The ‘Arty’ Mum.

Create Wire Sculptures

She illustrated every story you had as a child; your walls were adorned with tiny murals and her wardrobe overflows with pops of colour. Whether she regularly explores her creative streak or just enjoys getting her macrame on every now and then, the arty mum is creatively open-minded. Let her go solo, or join her on a wildlife drawing class, create wire sculptures or learn the art of kintsugi (also great if you have a clumsy mum!)


The ‘Active’ Mum.

She’s on the go, she’s running, she’s cycling, she’s giving the kids a run for their money (and probably everyone else too…)! The active mum is a force of nature but likes to enjoy it too. If you can catch up with her, she’ll absolutely adore exploring London on a Paddleboard!


The ‘Foodie’ Mum.

Wine Walk

Rejoice, offspring of foodies, we have a feast of culinary delights and fares to tempt the tastebuds. Why not try a wine and fondue evening or perhaps a night together at the Cinnamon Kitchen at Battersea Power station. For those who prefer a tipple, we’re sure you’ll love literally any of our boozy adventures, but the East London Wine Walk is a sommelier curated experience that’s guaranteed to be a hit.


Mums To Be.


Baby showers galore on the horizon? Want something a little different for your clan of warrior woman? Team up and get the perfect gift; a little baby-moon experience! With the option of group pay, you can easily collaborate to pay for any Indytute experience altogether. Or if you’re on the hunt for a baby shower with a difference, why not get an experience for the full team and spend some time with your mum-to-be. Soap Making workshop? Or gift her some relaxation time with a wonderful Float experience.

The one that loves history and gin… 

Gin Safari by Bicycle. Simple. Okay, if you aren’t sold on those four words, a little more context. This Mumma is a sightseeing buff, loves being in the know, and would love nothing more than touring on a vintage-style Pashley bike, sampling exotic gins as she takes to the streets of Southwark and Bermondsey, home of Oliver Twist and Fagin's Den. 

Step it up a notch? Take to the skies!


Every ‘mum’.

Family Together

We know not everyone has a ‘mum’ and that can make this time of year difficult. We want to celebrate anyone who has stepped into this role; helped you, supported you, held your hand, made you cake, taught you about boys/girls, tackled the difficult questions head-on, taught you to be proud of who you are... to all the mums, sisters, aunts, friends, grandmas, family friends... We love you!

We genuinely believe that the best gift, whoever you are, is time spent together. Explore our family-friendly days out; why not spend the night afloat on a canal boat!

Head of everything at the Indytute, Calypso, has been working on the business with her Mum Clare since day dot, so we’ve got a soft spot for mother-daughter duos. Another one we LOVE is Creighton’s Chocolaterie, the prettiest, tastiest Belgium chocolate on the market, dreamt up by Mother/Daughter partnership, Andrea Huntington and Lucy Elliott. The perfect something to unwrap with a Gift Card come Mothering Sunday.

Wherever and whoever you celebrate with, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tag us in any Mother’s Day surprises! We love seeing your time together.

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