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I think we can all agree that in London it can reach the point when everything is just a little bit… soggy. Fortunately, London is a veritable treasure trove of exciting and inventive activities to entertain you beyond the standard museum and cafe crawl!


Dabbers Bingo! 

1. Tried, tested and Indytute approved. Dabbers Bingo is the DREAM destination for a rainy day outing. We headed there during a storm and had an absolute whale of a time. A Dabbers Social Bingo Brunch is the perfect storm shelter; shake off the damp and dance whilst you dab (there’s also the option for bottomless Prosecco…) There’s even a doggy bingo session later in the year if you want to keep your pup dry too.


Draughts London

2. Head to a Board Game Cafe! Particularly great for stretching your mental muscles (or any incredibly competitive Connect 4’ers out there) Draughts London has over 1000 games in its library and a wealth of experience in the staff - so no arguing over the rules! Plus they serve up food and drink, meaning you don’t even have to leave for snacks. With locations in Hackney and Dalton, Draughts London also plays host to themed events throughout the year.

Draughts London


Selfridges Skate Bowl

3. Stay classy and a little bit bad assy with Selfridges Skate Bowl. Break out your knee pads and book in for a one-on-one skate lesson or, if you’ve already cracked an olly, for an open skate session!

Selfridges Skate Bowl


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 Wellcome Collection.

4. The never-ending joy that is the Wellcome Collection. Free, fun and constantly updating, the Wellcome Collection focuses on health and wellbeing with creative exhibitions, collections and live programmes. The exhibitions are always fascinating and carefully curated, with a great mix of intrigue and thought provocation. Until the 8th March 2020 the Play exhibit is live; perfect for little kids, big kids and ‘kids at heart’, it explores how play can transform learning and society.

Wellcome Collection


Abstract Art.

5. Get arty with a difference. Always wanted to pick up a paintbrush again, but think you’re ‘no good at art’? Step away from the pressures of perfection with Abstract Art. This class is the ideal destresser to take you out of the fast pace of the week. Classes are aimed at spending your afternoon in peaceful tranquility with like-minded souls. The perfect antidote to a frantic week AND the chance to get creative.

The Sea, The Sea: Georgie Mason from alexander thompson on Vimeo.

Yellow Wallpaper.

6. Inspired by abstract art? Take that creative inspiration and admire the incredible Yellow Wallpaper exhibition, opening at the William Morris Gallery - a visual response exploration of femininity and insanity, it features exclusively female portraits and “offer a rubric through which to engage with the beautiful yet fraught histories and traditions that black women — and all women — are heir to.”


Stretch Lab. 

7. Made it through the full list? Or not even made it outside yet and currently reading this article in the foetal position?! You need the guys at Stretch Lab!  Getting those muscles moving and flexing is even more important when the chill makes you want to hunch up around the radiator. The joy of the Stretch Lab is taking the thought process out of it - let someone else stretch your aching limbs for that satisfying release! 

Stretch Labs

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