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I’d love to say I shot out of the traps on Jan 1st fizzing with New Year plans but tbh it’s been a gentle start …

by Calypso Rose (Head of Everything)

I’m weaning myself off the Christmas chocolate orange and my fitness tracker is primed for next week. I have downloaded Duolingo but that’s as far as I’ve got and that’s ok. My goal for 2023 is to surround myself with people that bring joy, stay focused and have many more adventures big and small.  

BUT... before I do that there's a little more sitting, plotting and planning I'd like to do. Here's what we are watching, reading and listening to at Indy HQ. Here's to more cosy times this January. 


1. Happy Valley (obvs), the last series. Life without Catherine Cawood? Noooooooh! 

2. If you aren't ready for Succession season 4 you have some epic catching up to do - Can a family get any worse - oh yes they can.

3. Boiling Point  - Stephen Graham as the chef with everything to loose. 

4. If you can stand the pressure then it's straight on to The Bear showing on Disney +

5. Tar, showing in cinemas next week. Anything with Cate Blanchett goes straight to the top of our watch list.


6. I've been practicing my reading... sitting still for more than 15 minutes is harder than it should be but I'm picking up Brene Brown's, Atlas of the Heart at any opportunity.

7. Another non-fiction that I've been handing out to friends and family is Breath by James Nestor. 

8. Certainly not new but still, my favourite book of 2022 is Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

9. Spare... by ummmm.... ONLY JOKING.


10. I'm still catching up with Radio 4's Uncanny. Danny Robins investigates real-life stories of the paranormal. Every episode is gripping.

11. Oliver Twist produced by Sam Mendes on Audible in 3D starring Brian Cox. This immersive audio drama is included in an Audible membership.

12. The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett (on Apple or Spotify). Pick one at random with someone you have no idea about. A recent favourite was E205 Neil deGrasse Tyson


And when you are ready we'll be here for you with more new and brilliant gift experiences to share with your friends. 
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