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James and I will have tied the knot 10 years ago this year. Both of us have agreed that this is the year to make a little more effort…

Our first 3 years together the bar for gifts was high, think sailing courses in Greece to 5-part adventures across London.  Last year we were at the thermals stage. 

Now this is the year to shake things up, on a budget but THOUGHTFUL. Cor, does it get harder and harder, and I’m a gifting professional… I’ll send you my suggestions if you send me yours… 

  1. Move the day. Much less pressure if you opt for say, the 13th or 15th. Slightly more surprising too. 

  2. Play it safe. Romance is a funny thing, one man’s fun is another woman’s idea of hell. Nothing wrong with dinner out - just remember to book, in case others have the same idea.

  3. In some ways it’s good to avoid other couples. Comparisons are odious. Just because they are almost copulating on the table doesn’t mean your experience is any less valid, but it can be unsettling.

  4. Just saying ‘I do love you‘, over a flat white, is often all that’s needed. 

  5. You could be in Paris, Rome or the Euston Road. The St Pancras hotel is a good starting point for a romantic night. Meet by the kissing statue in the station, before getting down to the serious stuff.  Pianos, Champagne bar and over the top Victorian grandeur.

Gift ideas for Couples... >

  • Hoxton Hotel
  • Selfridges
  • Soho House
  • Stella Magazine
  • Stylist
  • Time Out
  • The Times
  • Press