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Presents for the ‘HIM’ in your life.  The him who always says ‘no, really, I don’t want anything’.

The him, who you last saw when he was five and now has his own flat, so technically is past the point of a tenner. The him who already owns every colour of blue shirt on the spectrum.

The him, who only shops in Hoxton and will only buy his socks from a tiny boho boutique in Osaka. The him who doesn’t do personal hygiene, let alone aftershave.  It’s a dilemma. Well here at The Indytute we relish the ‘hims’. We like to get hims out and about in London, and we’ve got gifts from food to booze to walks and niche experiences.  If you can't get the 'him' to leave the house then we've got that covered too.

You’ve gotta love him.

1. You're not giving gifts this year, but....

You just can't help but buy a small token.. something you can do together. Discover the murky history of the coffeehouses.  You'll be guided by award winning historian, Dr Matthew Green and an army of actors in this audio adventure. 

£9.60 Audio Adventure


Last minute gifts for Him classic mini cooper

2. The Him that has done it all, but....

Has he squashed himself into a classic mini cooper and tried the best gins London has to offer?  Or discover the super cool London foodie scene.  He can now been driven around London town in a classic (but electric) mini cooper with an entertaining and brilliant guide - he might even bring you along for the ride.

From £269 Mini Cooper Experience

Last minute gifts for Him east london wine walk

3. Get more date nights into the calendar....

Discover 3 delicious bars in east London. You'll be greeted like a VIP at each mystery stop and be given a small plate and a fantastic glass of wine in each one. Vegetarians are welcome. It's a best selling and exclusive experience to The Indytute.  

£136 for two. East London Wine Walk.


4. For the Him that doesn't like to go far....

We've got him covered too... dinner for two delivered. These menus are not just heat up and serve. This is about providing a foody experience so you can learn new culinary skills. Give a gift voucher so he can choose when and where he would like his restaurant box delivered.  There's a fantastic choice of over 5 different worldwide cuisines from rolling your own sushi to a Malaysian street food feast.

From £50 Restaurant Kit Delivered

Last minute gifts for Him chess lessons

5. Fire up a lost love....

Of chess! Turn off the TV and cosy up playing chess.  A 1-2-1 online chess lesson with a real pro will dust off the cobwebs and get those neurons firing.  Pair it with a chess board and you could win thoughtful gift giver of the year. 

From £75 Chess Lesson with a Pro


Last minute gifts for him table tennis

6. Give some quality time all together...

By smashing each other at ping pong.  All you need is a few tips and tricks to really up your game whatever your level and there's no better place than at the super cool venue, Bounce, the home on Ping Pong.  

£130 Table Tennis Masterclass. Private session for up 4 people.


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