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Hey Babe, Take a walk on the Wild Side……

Plants they’re all around you. London is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and there is a whole world of edible plants and fungi just waiting to be discovered.  Foraging is romantic, the food is free and as for air miles? What air miles? 

If you’ve been watching ‘The Last of Us’ on Sky then you already know that mushrooms can be tricky, and most of us don’t have the vaguest clue how to identify the plants we find. A foraging course London is the way forward. Learn how to identify and harvest edible plants in a sustainable way. Foraging courses London take place all over the city.


foraging courses london richmond park


Where to forage in London

Imagine you’re on Hampstead Heath. Your guide will be on hand to point out elderberries  brilliant for jam), blackberries (jam, crumbles, coulis), Rose hips (syrup anyone?) and wild garlic (pesto). 

Boots on and over to Richmond Park, where you will be surrounded by herbs like chamomile, dandelion and thyme, all of which can be incorporated in your daily routine for health and wellness. 

Now about those mushrooms… here is where it is absolutely forbidden to eat even the smallest smidgeon without expert guidance. Epping Forest is the perfect location for foraging mushrooms. Shaggy Ink caps and field mushrooms can be found pushing up under every tree. In fact there are over 1000 species of fungi, but you can get prosecuted if you don’t follow the rules and go with a guide. This is more about the fungi than you, as illegal hunting has reached record high. 

With Spring in the air now is absolutely the time to take advantage of the free food that the city has to offer. In a month's time everything will start to push up and young leafy shoots are always the tastiest. Using gloves, nip the top off young nettles, then prepare to be surprised. Once cooked they don’t sting, and a light steaming with a knob of butter, will give you a dish that is very similar to spinach, and brimming with vitamins.

Learn a new life skill, give yourself a break from the routine, and take a walk with purpose - on the wild side.

We've got all the foraging courses London right here >

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