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From the bustling lanes of Shoreditch to the historic heart of East London, the capital's whisky narrative is as rich and varied as the spirit itself. The Indytute has bottled the essence of London's whisky culture, offering experiences that go beyond the sip, perfect for that special someone in your life.

The No Rules Whisky School: A Bold Take on Tradition

The No Rules Whisky School Experience breaks all conventions. It's a whirlwind journey that starts at East London Liquor Co., challenging what you thought you knew about whisky. Guests are introduced to the distillery's trailblazing single malt, followed by a hands-on blending session. Your creation, a testament to personal taste, gets its own custom label, making every bottle truly one-of-a-kind.

Details: Held at Bow Wharf, a short walk from Mile End tube station, this 2-hour class is an adult-only event, exclusive to Fridays.

  • A whisky cocktail to set the mood
  • A single malt dram to inspire your blend
  • Expert-guided blending session
  • Personalised 70cl whisky bottle to cherish

Luxury Whisky Tasting: An East London Elixir Expedition

Venture into a realm of unparalleled whisky excellence with The Luxury Whisky Tasting Experience. Be transported to East London's first whisky, gin, and vodka distillery in over a century. The experience begins with a classic old-fashioned cocktail, setting the stage for a sensory journey. Explore the distillery's whisky-making process, its rich history, and the global influences that make each spirit stand out.

Details: Set in Bow Wharf, the session lasts 1.5 hours, available on Saturdays and select Sundays.
Insider Tip: Feeling peckish post-tasting? The bar offers delightful nibbles, and there's a restaurant nearby to satiate those hunger pangs.

Macallan Whisky Experience: A Scottish Saga in Shoreditch

Macallan Whisky Experience is an ode to Scotland's legendary spirit. Delve into Macallan's storied past, from its inception by Alexander Reid to its rise as a whisky icon. Hosted at the chic Map Maison in Shoreditch, this session combines the best of Macallan with perfect pairings of tapas and cheese. Traverse through the Double Cask series, complemented by expert insights. It's not just a tasting; it's a tale worth toasting.

Details: The entire experience spans 1.5 hours.
What’s On Offer:

  • Flights of Macallan 12yo, 15yo, 18yo Double Cask
  • Signature Macallan welcome cocktails
  • Cheese board and tapas, curated to complement your whisky flight
  • Background insights into Macallan and pairing tips

Embark on a whisky sojourn in London with The Indytute. Whether commemorating a special occasion, searching for a memorable Christmas gift, or simply looking to deepen your understanding of this age-old spirit, there’s an experience waiting for you. Book now and immerse yourself in London's whisky renaissance.

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