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A Tryst with History: Britain's Love Affair with Curry

The aroma of spices, the sizzle from the tandoor, and the symphony of flavours; London's quest for the best curry is a journey of gastronomy and culture. From the vibrant streets of Brick Lane to the sophisticated ambiances of Michelin-starred establishments, London's relationship with curry is historic and profound.

Vivek Singh - Cinnamon Kitchen

  • Colonial Beginnings: Our nation's curry love story traces back to the colonial era. British officials, upon their return from India, brought with them more than just tales; they brought recipes. By 1809, the first curry house opened its doors in London, setting the stage for a delicious relationship.

  • Brick Lane - The Curry Boulevard: Today, Brick Lane stands as a testament to this love, housing generations of chefs and stories, all serving plates reminiscent of this shared heritage.

Cinnamon Kitchen: A Modern Curry Maestro

Amidst the myriad curry havens of London, Cinnamon Kitchen, by the iconic Battersea Power Station, has redefined the essence of modern Indian gastronomy.

  • Vivek Singh - The Culinary Pioneer: Behind this culinary evolution is Vivek Singh. A stalwart in transforming Indian cooking in the global scene, Singh's prowess isn't just limited to the kitchen. His numerous television appearances and best-selling cookbooks echo his philosophy of creating dishes ‘beyond authenticity’, beautifully blending Indian nuances with Western techniques.

Cinnamon Kitchen Best Curry Experience

An Elevated Experience: Beyond Just Food

Cinnamon Kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience. Nestled amidst the historic Battersea Power Station, it stands as a testament to London’s rich history and culinary evolution.

  • Theatrical Dining: An open tandoor grill takes centre stage, offering diners not just a meal, but a mesmerising performance. From raw ingredients to masterfully crafted dishes, witness a transformation that tantalises all senses.

  • Curated Menus: Whether it's the 3-course lunch with its signature railway-style veg cake or the extensive 9-dish sharing supper, every plate is a revelation. And with offerings like kale and quinoa koftas, and shrimp in Bengali turmeric curry, there's a symphony of flavours waiting to be explored.

  • Strategic Location: Besides the gastronomic delights, if you've time, immerse yourself in the Battersea Power Station's history with an IOS-led audio tour. Traverse the Heritage Trail, soak in the tales of this iconic structure, and complement your meal with a journey through time.

A Culinary Gift or A Date Night?

Is Cinnamon Kitchen's offering the best curry in London? We wouldn't dare make such a claim outright. But, as connoisseurs of fine dining and lovers of Indian gastronomy, we believe it’s an experience worth gifting, whether for a special date night or simply to satiate your curry cravings.

Gift the Ultimate Gastronomic Experience

In the vast landscape of London's culinary treasures, gifting an experience stands out far beyond the ordinary. When that experience involves the tantalising union of history, art, and exceptional flavours, it becomes more than just a meal; it's a memory waiting to be made.

The Cinnamon Kitchen, nestled within the iconic Battersea Power Station, offers just that. It's an invitation to a dance of flavours, a journey through London's rich curry legacy, and a taste of modern Indian mastery, all curated by the revered Chef Vivek Singh.

Whether it's for a foodie aficionado, a couple seeking a memorable date night, or someone simply looking to elevate their dining adventure, this is the ultimate gift. Don't let the chance slip away. Make a statement with your present and ensure it's remembered for years to come. Ready to mesmerise your loved ones? Book Now.

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