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There was once a time when gin was associated with mayhem and crime, but this was a long time ago and the distilled classic has reinvented itself to become one of the most popular drinks in the world. 

There are many reasons why gin has seen a resurgence in popularity. For bartenders, it has allowed them to travel back in time and have a versatile foundation for a series of different cocktails. 

Those who enjoy consuming gin often do so because of the many different choices and drink ideas available. 

Some people love gin so much that they’re keen to expand their knowledge on the spirit and will often consider some form of tour or excursion to achieve this. 

If you’re looking for a gin tasting experience in London with a difference, or just considering an original gift idea for gin aficionados, then why not consider some of the following gin tasting experiences in London. 

Meet the Stills with Sipsmith 

Gin Tasting Experience in London

Those that love to try new gin will know that only the best will do, and that’s exactly what you get with this unique and fun gin tasting experience in London. 

The gin blenders at Sipsmith know all there is to know about gin and will even showcase how the distillery works in delivering some of the finest gin in London. 

Starting off with a tipple, the attendees of the London experience will also be introduced to Prudence, Patience and Verity, the hard-working coppers of Sipsmith that work hard to deliver some of the most original and delectable gins in London. 

Unique gins can be sampled along the way, including the fascinating and award-winning London Cup, a great gin that is infused with borage and Earl Grey. 

The History of London in 4 Drinks 

Gin Tasting Experience in London

Those looking to find out more about the drinking culture in London as a whole will adore the History of London in 4 Drinks, and gin fans needn’t despair, as this distilled delicacy is part of this great London experience. 

As well as being an original take on some of the more conventional walking tours that can be found, the History of London in 4 Drinks experience details both the social and antisocial aspects of some of London’s most popular drinks, including gin. 

Those taking advantage of this gin-tasting experience in London will be travelling around Fleet Street and the Strand and visiting several iconic locations that include gin palaces and coffee houses. 

Classic Mini Copper Gin Bar Adventure 

Gin Tasting Experience in London

If using your legs to learn more about gin doesn’t sound appealing, or you’re simply looking for something a bit more leftfield in relation to a gin tasting experience in London, then the Classic Mini Gin Adventure is for you. 

The Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure gives you and two friends access to an experienced driver, who is also a tour guide. As well as sharing laughs in this original and fun-packed London experience, you will also be expanding your knowledge on gin without even realising. 

As well as enjoying the city of London in a completely original way, your designated driver will take you and your passenger to three of the most popular gin bars in London, allowing those with a passion for gin to expand their palate and their knowledge in one sitting. 

Gin Safari by Bicycle 

Gin Tasting Experience in London

When looking for a gin tasting experience in London, there’s always something different available. Those that love cycling and gin will adore this gin tasting experience the fuses the two perfectly. 

Not only will you be treated to immersive and exciting tales surrounding the popularity of gin from the 18th century to the present day. 

The tour is enjoyed by pedaling through London on a Pashley bicycle which is manufactured in the United Kingdom and comes with a selection of gin that can be enjoyed as you listen to some of the fascinating tales surrounding this distilled classic. 

This brilliant gin tasting experience in London visits several iconic locations in and around London, including Southwark and Bermondsey. 

Once you’ve finished learning about some of the fascinating happenings surrounding gin, participants can then use their bicycle to explore the London street markets. 

Regardless of the reason why you’re searching for a gin tasting experience in London, there are plenty of unique tours and walks that can offer something for everyone. A gin tasting experience in London is also an exciting gift or date night idea that’s perfect for those looking for something new with their experience.


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