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Despite the popularity of gin in the modern age, there was once a time when the distilled favourite was the cause of all kinds of debauchery, especially in and around London. 

The later years of gin production allowed its reputation to be saved and is now one of the most popular tipples in the world, but sometimes people are more interested in the background of this distilled classic. 

Fortunately, just as gin itself has found popularity with the masses, so too have gin tasting experiences.

Some people may be keen to expand their knowledge about their favourite beverages, while others will be keen to learn more about the history of the popular beverage. 

Those that have visited London before will know that the city has an abundance of different experiences to choose from, but there will be times when people are searching for something that’s a little bit different to what’s gone before. 

The following is an overview of some of the gin-based adventures that can’t be enjoyed in London, be it alone, or with a friend or loved one. 

The History of London in 4 Drinks 

Gin experiences in London

As the name of the experience entails, this is an experience that details the charismatic background of London in four drinks, which included a taster of gin, as well as being able to sample other beverages such as beer and coffee. 

This gin experience in London takes visitors on a journey through some of London’s most popular locations including Fleet Street and the Strand and learn all you need to know about some of the coffee and beer houses, and of course, the gin palaces of the 18th century. 

What’s more, all that’s needed for this unique gin experience in London is a pair of comfortable shoes, and a friend or loved one if you’re looking to share the experience with someone close. 

Spirit of Gin Tour and Tasting 

Gin experiences in London 2

If you’ve enjoyed the History of London in 4 Drinks experience and are keen to find more gin experiences in London, then the Spirit of Gin Tour and Tasting will offer everything you’re looking for, and then some. 

This unique experience offers a behind-the-scenes tour of a state-of-the-art distillery situated at the East London Liquor Company in Bow Wharf, and those in attendance will find out everything they need to know about the distilled classic, including the tales of how gin was sold from street cart, right up to the impact it has made in today’s bar culture. 

Of course, no London gin experience is complete without sampling some gin, and the Spirit of Gin Tour and Tasting allows gin fans to taste some of the best gin in the world. Upon arrival, you will be treated to a classic London Dry Gin, followed by Premium No.1 and No.2 gins. 

Regardless of whether you’re considering gin experiences in London for the first time, or you’re a seasoned attendee of the gin-based tours, the Spirit of Gin Tour and Tasting has something for everyone. 

Meet the Stills with Sipsmith 

Gin experiences in London 3

Sometimes, the only way to get to know gin is really getting behind the scenes. The Meet the Stills with Sipsmith is one of the most popular gin-tasting experiences in London, and details everything there is to know about creating gin. 

Not only will attendees be able to sample some of the finest gin in London, including the iconic London Cup. 

As well as sampling some original takes on gin, those attending the Meet the Stills with Sipsmith will also be introduced to those responsible for the creation of great gin. 

Prudence, Patience and Verity are the coppers that give their all when creating gin, and now you can experience them first-hand with the original and immersive tour. 

Gin Safari by Bicycle 

Gin experience London

The great thing about gin experiences in London is that there is always something different to try, so even if you’ve tried one of the gin experiences in London, there are still other experiences available that offer something completely different. 

A great example of this is the Gin Safari by Bicycle experience, which allows gin enthusiasts to find out more about their favourite tipples while riding a Pashley bicycle, completed with a spacious front basket containing a selection of gins that can be sampled during this immersive tour. 

Found out more about this history of gin, including some of the more risqué moments in the 18 century, as well as it’s transformation into one of the most popular tipples in London. 

As if all this wasn’t enough, those in attendance can also visit the London street markets and use their spacious baskets for the purchase. 

London has always been a diverse city that offers a series of a different experience for all personalities, and those looking for gin experiences in London will find that there’s plenty of options available, and all of them offer something different. 

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