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Over the years, gin has gone through something of a transformation. Once looked upon as a beverage that was the cause of all kinds of bedlam, its image has improved recently, with more and more people enjoying the many different types of gin that have been introduced. 

Despite people’s love of gin, there will be times when some originality is needed to perk up the experience. Fortunately, those visiting London are in for a treat, as there are several experiences available that offer something different to the conventional experiences found elsewhere. 

Regardless of whether you’re a gin enthusiast or approaching this classic beverage for the first time, the following experiences offer a unique take on gin tasting in London that’s hard to surpass. 

Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure  

Unique Gin Experiences

If you’re looking for humour, adrenaline and gin, then look no further than the Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure. 

Everything about this unique gin tasting experience in London is iconic, whether it relates to the Mini Cooper you will be travelling around in or some of the great gins that you will be able to sample during your three-hour adventure. 

This gin-tasting experience also comes complete with an experienced driver that will act as a local guide, and even provide some humour along the way. 

If you don’t fancy going the Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure alone, then why not invite up to three friends to share the experience? 

You and your passengers will be driven to three of the most popular gin bars in London, as well as a distillery, ensuring that your tour is as knowledgeable as it is enjoyable. 

The two-hour tour consists of three stops, while the three-hour tour offers five different stops to expand your knowledge regarding gin. 

Gin Safari by Bicycle 

Unique Gin Experiences

If four wheels aren’t your thing when searching for experiences that offer gin tasting in London, then why not take advantage of the Gin Safari by Bicycle experience? As you’ve probably guessed by the name of this experience, you will be peddling your way through London as you find out all you need to know about this classic distilled tipple. 

Don’t fancy a solo venture? Fear not, as the Gin Safari Bicycle experience can be extended to include two people. 

Proving that the devil is in the details the Gin Safari Bicycle Experience even offers a Pashley bicycle which is handmade in the United Kingdom and even comes with a spacious front basket. 

This tour takes gin enthusiasts on a journey that details the rise of the tipple from its humble beginnings in the 18th century, through to the iconic beverage we’ve come to know and love. 

If you’re wondering what the spacious front basket on the bicycle is used for while wondering no more, and you will find a selection of the finest gins that can be sampled during the excursion, and offers an immersive gin tasting experience in London that’s difficult to find elsewhere. 

Some of the famous locations that will be visited by the Gin Safari by Bicycle Tour in London include the street of Southwark and Bermondsey, which are often recognised by Oliver Twist fans as the home of the dastardly pickpocket, Fagin. 

As if all this wasn’t enough, this original gin-tasting experience in London even allows participants to make further use of their baskets and purchase goods from some of London’s finest street markets. 

Meet the Stills with Sipsmith 

Unique Gin Experiences

Despite gin tasting in London coming in different forms, there will be those that are keen to learn more about the distillery process and the works that go into creating some of the finest gin in London. 

If this sounds like something of interest, then the Meet the Still with Sipsmith is the perfect experience for those searching for gin tasting in London. 

Not only will those attending the experience be able to sample some of the most unique gin in London, including the London Cup, but they will also learn how gin is created. 

The popularity of Sipsmith gin can be attributed to three of its hardest workers, Prudence Patience and Verity, the coppers that make the creation of fantastic gin possible. 

The experience can be enjoyed by two people, and the tasting of gin is tutored so you will leave the experience with everything you need to know about gin, plus a little bit more. 

Gin tasting is becoming more and more popular, but this doesn’t mean that you have to relive the same experience over and over. 

These unique gin tasting experiences in London all offer something different, so even if you’ve taken advantage of one experience, there will still be plenty to learn when attending another.

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