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In an era where urban jungles sprawl and concrete towers loom, the allure of nurturing a slice of Eden in our living spaces becomes ever more enchanting. Enter the world of terrariums, an exquisite synergy of art and nature, presented by The Indytute. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle, we offer an oasis of creativity and tranquillity – the Terrarium Design School. Led by the gifted Kokedama teacher, Alyson, this workshop is more than just a class; it's an expedition into the miniature wilderness of glass gardens.

The Essence of Terrariums

A terrarium is a microcosm of Mother Nature, encapsulated within the walls of glass. It's a blend of science and art, where tiny plants and moss create a self-sustaining ecosystem, thriving under the watchful eye of its creator. In the Victorian era, terrariums were a symbol of luxury and knowledge, a testament to the human fascination with the natural world. Today, they represent a bridge between urban life and the natural world, a compact manifestation of biodiversity.

The Artistry of Terrarium Creation

At The Indytute's Terrarium Design School, the process of creating these glass-encased gardens is demystified. Participants delve into the nuances of plant selection – understanding which species flourish in the humid confines of a closed terrarium and which bask in the arid ambiance of an open one. The real charm lies in the intricacy of placing each element, from the layering of soils and rocks to the strategic placement of each plant, ensuring each terrarium is a unique masterpiece.

A Hands-On Experience

Guided by Alyson's expertise, attendees will navigate the complexities of miniature gardening – from learning the dexterity needed to coax cacti through narrow bottle necks to understanding the balance of a self-contained ecosystem. This is a hands-on experience, where you don't just learn, you create. It's about getting your hands dirty, literally, and discovering the satisfaction of crafting a living piece of art.

Why This Makes the Perfect Gift

In a world where experiences often outweigh material gifts, a session at the Terrarium Design School stands out as a thoughtful, unique present. It's not just about giving a physical item; it's about offering an experience, a skill, and a piece of enduring nature. This is a gift that suits anyone with a penchant for creativity, a love for plants, or a desire to add a green touch to their living space. It's an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a way to simply show someone you cherish their interests and hobbies.

Joining The Indytute's Terrarium Workshop

The Indytute’s workshop is more than just an educational course; it's an opportunity to escape, create, and connect with nature. Whether you opt for a group session in the artsy enclave of Bethnal Green or a private session in the coastal serenity of Margate, this experience is tailored to fit. The workshops, lasting 1.5 hours, are not only about creating something beautiful but also about the joy of learning and the peace that comes from connecting with nature.


The Terrarium Design School at The Indytute is where green fingers are nurtured and creative minds flourish. It’s a place to slow down, to cultivate, and to take a piece of the natural world home with you. In gifting this experience, you’re not just offering a unique present; you’re providing an unforgettable encounter with nature, art, and self-discovery. Join us, and let's create a greener world, one terrarium at a time.

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