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Although the conventional tours available in London are fine for those who are visiting for the first time, those who enjoy learning more about London often find they have outgrown these simple tours and are searching for something innovative as a result.

Fortunately, those looking for inspiration for their next tour will find that there are plenty of options available while browsing Indytute.

The following is an overview of the unique tours available when browsing Indytute, each offering their own unique approach to London.

Taste the Great Outdoors with the Tour De Forage

Although there are plenty of fine restaurants to enjoy in London, some may want to play a more active part in gathering the ingredients, and the Tour De Forage is the perfect London experience for this.

Foraging Experience

Regardless of whether you venture solo or with a group of friends, this delicious experience will lead you to locations in Deal, Kent, where you can forage a selection of natural ingredients, including but not limited to shellfish, berries, and wild garlic.

As well as collecting the ingredients, you will also be shown the best way to enjoy them and will even have the opportunity to sample some botanical beverages as well.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of food or merely want to observe London via bicycle, then this unique London experience is worthy of your consideration.

Enjoy Tales of Espionage and Mystery with the London Spy Walking Tour

Many of us will have observed James Bond on the big screen, but what would it really be like to be a British spy? Wonder no more, as this educational and exiting London experience teaches you all there is to know about the secrets regarding espionage in London.

As well as unearthing tales about London intelligence and the locations used, you will also have the chance to take part in your own covert operation.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Bond, Bourne or Spooks, the London Spy Walking Tour is the perfect choice for the naturally inquisitive as well as those that love learning more about London.

Walkie Talkie with a Legend: The Rock ‘n Stroll Walking Tour London Experience

John Ellis is a musician associated with some of the biggest names in the music business, including but not limited to Peter Gabriel, The Vibrators, and of course, The Stranglers.

Everyone likes to question musicians about the tuneful history of London, and now you can liaise with a bona fide music legend via walkie-talkie and learn about the fascinating tales surrounding the capital.

Not only will you be able to direct your questions towards a legend in the industry, but you will also take away one of John’s signed CDs, something which only be obtained when attending the tour.

If you are searching for a gift for those that love music, or simply want a tour that offers something unique and exciting, then the Rock ‘n Stroll Walking Tour is the perfect London experience.

Enjoy the Wonderment of the West End with the Silent Disco West End Musical Experience

Music comes in many forms, so it stands to reasons the best London experience for music lovers can be subjective. Indytute understands the importance of choice and ensures there is always a wide selection of London experiences available, including music.

Regardless of whether your favourite musical is ‘Evita’ or ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show', this unique and entertain tour will tell you the secrets regarding the whimsical West End, will be led by one of the most enthusiastic musical performers in the business, so bursting into song is guaranteed.

Energetic and exciting, even those who may have avoided musicals in the past would be hard-pressed not to be impressed by this flawless performance.

Searching for a Pub Crawl with a Difference? Why Not Consider the London Craft Beer Experience?

Sometimes, there is nothing more enjoyable than visiting the local for a beer. However, there can be times when the beer available offers little in the way of originality. Those with passion for beer will be keen to embrace brand-new brews that challenge the taste buds, and this is exactly what the London Craft Beer experience offers.

This tour allows attendees to sample 10 delicious beers while learning more about Hackney Wick in East London, as well as enjoy some food chosen to complement the beverages.

If you are a fan of unique ales and original tours, then why not consider the London Craft Beer experience?

The tours listed are merely an overview of the options available when searching for unique London experiences with Indytute. Not only are London experiences the perfect treat for yourself, but are also superb gift ideas for friends and family.

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