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Are you a fan of travelling but have found trains and buses to be a little lacklustre, then why not consider upping the ante with the Take Flight London experience?

The Take Flight London experience not only allows you to view the sights of London via a non-commercial flight, but you will also be the only passengers on board, other than the pilot. Those that love to fly but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of commercial flights while enjoying some scenic views will love what the Take Flight London experience has to offer.

Flight Experience

Once this high-flying London experience has been booked, you will connect to the pilot via messenger who will be able to schedule a flight to suit you and your partner. The only time that the Take Flight London experience cannot be carried out is during adverse weather conditions.

The Take Flight London experience is operated by Wingly, who have flown over 10,000 flights, so passengers can be confident that they are in good hands.

A Perfect Primer for a New Passion

There can be times when we are just looking for something that can bring some adrenaline into our lives. Some may achieve this by undertaking extreme sports, whereas others may want to see the world from a different perspective.

Those in the latter category will love what the Take Flight London experience has to offer. Not only can you observe some of London’s landmarks from a different perspective, but you will also be able to sample an experience that could lead to a new passion.

More and more people are finding solitude in the skies, and the Take Flight London experience is the perfect introduction for those wanting to spend more time with their heads in the clouds.

An Original Way of Unwinding

Some of us may have a busy work schedule, whereas others may be struggling with their personal life. Regardless of what type of stress you have, it is crucial to have an outlet. Those looking for an original way to let go of worry and anxiety can now enjoy some respite in the skies thanks to the Take Flight London experience.

Getting away from it all is essential, and what better place than the clouds above London, which shows just how peaceful London can be.

Enjoy London From a Fresh Perspective

Many people enjoy London tours, but some are looking for something original when taking in the sights of London. Fortunately, Indytute can offer a wide selection of London experiences that perfect for those keen to see London from a fresh perspective, including the Take Flight London experience.

Not only will you be in the hands of a professional pilot, but they will also happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

One of the Safest Flying London Experiences Available

Despite the exciting allure of the Take Flight London experience, those flying for the first time will want to check that the flights are the safest can be. Not only has Wingly successfully operated thousands of flights, but all pilots have the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and Light Aircraft’s Pilot License (LAPL.)

The Take Flight Experience is One of Several Unique London Experiences

The Take Flight is a fantastic experience, but those looking for more adrenaline-infused adventures will be happy to know that the Take Flight adventure is one of several exciting London experiences available.

Regardless of whether you are looking to be scared senseless on a ghoulish tour or take a motorcycle ride around London, there will always be a London experience that is perfect.

Those wishing to purchase a London experience for friends and family can easily forward the experience, along with full details of how the London experience can be redeemed.

Regardless of whether you are looking for an experience for yourself or the perfect gift for friends and loved ones, the perfect London experience can always be found with Indytute.

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