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Discover Life Afloat in London's Enchanting Little Venice

When you imagine a luxurious adventure in the heart of London, what springs to mind? The bustling streets? Historical landmarks? Gourmet food and drink hotspots? Now, pair those lively visions with the serenity of water, the charm of ducks peeking through your window, and the thrill of experiencing London from a completely unique vantage point: a boutique barge. It's a fusion of excitement and tranquillity, designed for the wanderlust spirit of a London traveller and food & drink enthusiast.
Canal Boat Experience

Why Choose a Boutique Barge Experience?

Imagine starting your morning with the gentle ripples of the Grand Union canal, sipping your freshly brewed Nespresso coffee, all while lounging on a plush velvet sofa. Sounds dreamy, right? You're not just in any regular boutique hotel; you're on a floating haven – a boutique barge, anchored in the idyllic setting of London's Little Venice. Is it luxury? Yes! Think walk-in wet rooms, high-speed WiFi, and modern interiors that would rival any onshore boutique hotel. Yet, there's a twist. A curious duck might greet you at your window or a neighbouring boat might sail by, offering friendly waves.

Dive Into the Heart of London... From the Water!

Located in the tranquil neighbourhood of Little Venice, Notting Hill, this canal boat experience gives you the best of both worlds: a peaceful retreat and a gateway to London's bustling scene. Enjoy artisan sourdough rolls (don't forget to buy your own!) after a good night's sleep, and then set off to explore the cosmopolitan delights of the city.
Boutique Barge

Life Afloat: A Gentle Nudge Towards the Unknown

If you've always been an earthling, accustomed to the rigidity of life on land, embracing life afloat is a slight pivot – but oh, so worth it! And before any myths capture your imagination, let's clear the air. No, the boat doesn't set sail into the sunset. It's anchored, providing all the comforts you desire, with the added magic of floating.

Bring Along Your Furry Friends

The boutique barge is not just for humans; it's pet-friendly too! So, if the idea of leaving your beloved Fido behind haunts your holiday dreams, fret not. The barge welcomes paw prints, ensuring you can create memories with your entire family.

Ready to Embark on this Unique Journey?

Alright, let's be candid. Didn't the whimsical charm of barges always lure you in? Didn't you, at some point, wish to live the bargee dream? Now's your chance! Whether it's a one-night getaway (from Monday to Thursday) or a two-night sojourn, the options are yours to choose. And if you're considering gifting this unforgettable experience, it's as simple as picking your preferred package. A voucher complete with booking information will be sent your way, or straight to the recipient. Final Thoughts... Taking a leap from the traditional, static stays to floating luxury could just be the change you never knew you needed. An escape, a memory, an adventure – it's all wrapped up in this boutique barge experience. Experience the delightful blend of luxury and adventure, explore London in an entirely new light, and come away with stories that'll make even the most seasoned traveller's ears perk up. Dive into this unmatched experience and stay on a boutique barge. Interested in booking or gifting this unique experience? Buy this experience here.
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