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Printing a bespoke t-shirt has been popular for many years, and there are several online outlets that allow for the personalisation of apparel easily, albeit with some limits. However, those with a vested interest in printing will know that there is nothing like using a screen-printing machine.

However, how are those at home supposed to marvel at the magnificence of screen printing where they have little room or budget for a high-end screen-printing machine? By using the Screen Printing Kit available at Indytute of course.

The ongoing restrictions have meant that more and more people have had to entertain themselves at home, and some conventional options like Netflix and Zoom quizzes have started to become tiresome.

Fortunately, Indytute has several years’ experience in the curating of activities and can now offer a wide choice of stay-at-home experiences that will ensure boredom is never present when spending time at home, including the Screen-Printing Kit.

The Screen-Printing Kit Explained

Although many will have attempted to replicate the screen-printing process at home, many will have found they have been unsuccessful. Indytute understands the importance of expert advice in such areas, which is why it only stocks reputable and reliable products, including the Screen Printing Kit.

Screen Printing Kit

The Screen-Printing Kit is a product created in conjunction with Print Club London, a leading company in the world of print, so customers can be confident that they are purchasing the real deal when searching for a screen-printing solution.

Everything you need to get started is included in the box, including water-based inks, a squeegee and of course a screen. There are also several templates and a step-by-step guide included, so even those with no experience can get started sooner rather than later.

The print area of the Screen-Printing Kit is 25 x 35 cm and can be used over and over to create your own unique designs, regardless of whether you are creating a custom t-shirt of a tote bag with a difference.

A Great Gift for Those with a Creative Mind

One of the best things about the Screen-Printing Kit is it can be used by experienced and amateurs, making it the ideal gift for those with a creative mind.

If you are searching for a gift for those that like to craft their own designs, then why not allow them to up the ante with the superb Screen-Printing Kit.

As there are full instructions included, those receiving the Screen-Printing Kit as a gift can be confident that any piece of cloth or material can be customised with ease and will often be of higher quality than options available online.

Make Your Home Your Own with Some Personalisation

Many people would be forgiven for assuming that using screen-printing is limited to t-shirts and hoodies alone, but nothing could be further from the truth. Using screen-printing often means there is more freedom when applying the design.

Regardless of whether you want to create custom cushion covers or delightful duvet covers, the use of the Screen-Printing Kit can mean that the home is as unique as the person receiving their gift.

A Great Gift Idea to Eliminate Boredom

Although many may already have an interest in the world of screen-printing, others may be looking for something creative that they have not considered before, and thanks to the product being created in conjunction with Print Club London, customers can now learn a new sill from the comfort of the couch.

It is not only the finished product that is enjoyed when working with screen-printing, but also the process itself. The application manner can be soothing, and the hard work invested often allows for a more positive state of mind.

Restrictions can be frustrating for everyone but focusing on something new can ensure that time is spent productively, while still being enjoyed.

Spend Quality Time with the Family

When a family creates together, they stay together. The saying can sound somewhat cliché, but it does hold some truth. Although many parents will relish creative time with their children, it is fair to say that the conventional options can soon become tiresome, both for adults and children.

Indytute understand the importance of inspiration, especially from an artistic point-of-view, which is why it works hard to ensure that all its stay-at-home experiences offer the excitement parents and children are searching for when spending time together.

Children can have fun creating their own t-shirts, bags for school or bedding, while parents can ensure that time spent with children is quality time.

An Affordable Gift Idea with a Difference

Finding a gift that meets our budget while being unique can be challenging, but that is exactly what you get with the Screen-Printing Kit from Print Club London.

Other printing methods can be costly, and not ideal for the home environment, but the Screen-Printing Kit is designed with those at home in mind, meaning it is not the right size for home use, but also the right price.

The originality of the gift also ensures you can give a gift with a difference, and not run the risk of buying the same gift as everyone else.

The Screen-Printing Kit is just one of several gift ideas available from Indytute, which host a wide range of gift ideas and stay at home experiences.

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