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Regardless of whether you have worked alongside someone for a few months or for several years, it is always an emotional time when they move onto pastures new, but this does not mean that the experience cannot be memorable.

Although there is plenty of choice regarding leaving gifts available in the high street, they do not always offer the originality or personality many are looking for when giving their colleagues the perfect send off.

Fortunately, there are other options available, especially when shopping with Indytute for unusual leaving gifts for him.

The following is a mere sample of the innovative and high-quality gift ideas available for those moving onto new terrain that will allow them to relax, become excited and learn new skills that will ensure the gift your purchase is a memorable one.

The Feast from the East Walking Tour is a Fabulous Leaving Gift for Foodies

Those with a passion for food would be forgiven for thinking that they must travel all over the world to find the perfect dish, but this is not always the case, especially when shopping for gifts with Indytute.

Walking Tour London

The Feast from the East Walking Tour is the perfect leaving gift for those that enjoy global cuisine, as it offers them a historical tour of London that looks at the origins and history of some of Britain’s most iconic dishes.

Although recognised for the classic curry, the East End offers a melting pot of delicious cuisine introduced by various immigrants, including the Roman, the Dutch and the Bangladeshis.

As well as being given the opportunity to sample some delicious innovative street food, those in attendance will also stop off for a coffee at one of the greatest coffee shops in London.

Get More from a Tour with the Gin Safari by Bicycle London Experience

When someone is leaving, meeting for drinks is the norm, but what if you are looking for something a little different? Fear not, as those searching for unusual leaving gifts for home will find choice in abundance, including the exciting Gin Safari by Bicycle.

Gin Tour London

Many may think the current gin craze is a new occurrence, but gin has a rich and deep history which dates to 18th century London, and those in attendance will learn about the dominance that gin had in London and hear some fascinating history that cannot be found anywhere else.

Given this London experience is focused on gin, it should come as no surprise that a sample is included in this exciting experience, albeit in a stylish and original way.  

The tour takes place on a bicycle designed exclusively for those that love gin, as storage space is made available to store the sensational gin you will sample during the tour.

Not only will you learn some valuable information on one of the nation’s most popular tipples, but also cycle some of historical residential streets, including the home of Oliver Twist and Fagin’s Den.

A Memorable Musical Leaving Gift with the Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend Experience

When searching for gift ideas for those with a passion for music, there can be time when the options available are limited, but not for those shopping for leaving gifts for him with Indytute.

Learn Blues Guitar with John Ellis

An example of the immersive gift experience available for those with music in the soul include the Learn Blues Guitar with a Musical Legend.

Learning to play the guitar is one thing, but who would pass up the chance to learn some of the blues common chord sequence in the presence of one of the UK’s most iconic guitarists, Mr. John Ellis.

John has always been about the music, and many have found his classes to be enjoyable and educational, while having access to one of the most approachable guitarists in the world.

Being able to say that you learned some of your blues licks from one of the most recognisable names in the industry is a flex many will adore, as well as being a memorable leaving gift for those that love music.

Love a Boat Trip? Lavish in Luxury with the London Craft Beer Cruise London Experience

From a humorous vantage point, beer can be considered the perfect leaving gift. However, those wanting to mix in some imagination will be amazed at some of the leaving gifts available for those that love beer, as well as boat trips.

Some may not know that there are over 2,000 craft breweries in the United Kingdom, and this original and exciting London experience allows you to sample tipples from some of the finest breweries.

Those in attendance will travel to a series of iconic sights, including Tower Bridge and the O2 Arena, aboard The Pride of London, a luxury boat that doubles as a floating beer festival.

Not only will those who receive the London Craft Beer Cruise London experience allow the opportunity to appraise several delicious beers and ales, but they will also take home their own souvenir tasting glass.

If there are people attending that do not enjoy alcohol, then there are also plenty of premium soft drinks available, meaning there is something for everyone with the London Craft Beer Cruise.

The leaving gift ideas for him listed are merely an overview of the London experiences available when shopping with Indytute.

Regardless of whether you are keen to learn a new skill, or find the perfect experience to help you unwind, you can be confident that there are options available in every instance.

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