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The popularity of cream tea dates to 1662, and down not show any signs of slowing down. There can be a lot of discussion as to where the original cream tea originated, but if there is one thing that everyone can agree on, experiencing cream tea with friends and family is something that many of us enjoy.

Luxury Cream Tea for 2

However, there can be times when the enjoyment of cream tea is hindered. For some people, the nearest establishment could be miles away from their home. In other instances, there could be restrictions in place, meaning that only necessary journeys can be made.

Fortunately, Indytute has been curating a series of unique and exciting experiences for several years and is now proud to offer all the luxury of a cream tea afternoon that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

Cream Teas Delivered

Everything you need for the perfect cream tea experience is included, as well as a series of other delicious treats.

For example, those who choose the meat option can enjoy Gorgonzola picante, duck liver parfait and of course, scones and tea.

Do not worry if you or your partner are vegetarian, as Indytute has you covered. The vegetarian option also contains a series of delectable treats including wild mushroom and truffle pate.

Cream Tea Hamper Delivered

Both sets come included with delicious desserts, including passion posset pots and salted caramel brownies, that come complete with edible gold.

The Perfect Treat for Valentine’s Day

If you are worried about the lack of options regarding venues this Valentine’s Day, then the At Home: Deluxe Cream Tea experience is the perfect gift idea. Spending time with loved ones can be difficult, especially if your plans have had to change due to restrictions.

The At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea experience is the perfect compromise, and one of the few home-based experiences that emulates the real thing.

As everything, you need for a cream tea experience is delivered to your door, all you need to do is make arrangements with your loved one and create the right vibe.

The Perfect Gift Idea for Tea Aficionados

Despite the popularity surrounding the many iterations of coffee available, tea remains a firm favourite among millions, with many keen to receive a gift that embodies their love of this aromatic beverage.

The At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea experience for those that are keen to enjoy tea in the best way possible, and ensures that the next social gathering is an enjoyable one.

Restrictions can be frustrating, but the experience Indytute has regarding home-based experience ensures boredom can be kept at bay, while allowing you to try new and original experiences.

If you want your next gift idea to be a memorable one, then why not consider the fabulous At Hone: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Teas Experience.

A Marvellous Gift for Mother’s Day

Are you wanting to gift an experience to your mother but are frustrated by insufficient options? Then why not turn to Indytute for your gift ideas, where experience including The At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea experience can ensure this Mother’s Day is one that will be remembered for some time to come.

Although there are many tea-related gift ideas, none of them offer the same experience as the At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea experience.

What is more, you can spend some time with your mum while enjoying some delicious foods and sensational cream tea, making this Mother’s Day a memorable one.

Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

Although cream tea is delicious, there are other benefits associated with the consumption of afternoon tea. For example, it is easy to become stressed in the current climate, but tea can help us unwind and relax.

When enjoyed in the company of others, cream tea can also be a wonderful way of socialising, something which is in short supply of late.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a gift for those with a busy lifestyle, or simply want to ensure that winding down is easy, then why not consider the At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea experience.

The At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea Experience Is One of Several Home Experiences

If you have already had the pleasure of sampling the At Home: Deluxe Valentine’s Cream Tea Experience and are keen to undertake a more unique experience, then why not brose various home-based activities available at Indytute.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of music, tours or exercise, there is something for everyone available at Indytute.

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