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People enjoy London for different reasons. Some may enjoy visiting the various landmarks that can be found in the capital, whereas others prefer to scratch the surface and find out more about the unknown side of London.

The Magical London Private Tour is a London experience that educates attendees about the mystical background of London. The tour is led by award-winning magician James Pritchard, who not only detail the magical history of London but also perform a 30-minute magic show for your enjoyment.

James is not only famed in the world of magic, as he has also made several television appearances, including BBC2's "The Restaurant" and Nickelodeon.  

A Must-Do London Experience for Magical Minds

Are you looking for the perfect gift for those that cannot get enough of magicians? Regardless of whether the person you are purchasing a gift for prefers Dynamo or Penn and Teller, there is something for every magic enthusiast

Enjoy London In a Different Way

Regardless of whether you are local to London or a regular visitor, there will be times when some of the conventional tours become repetitive. Indytute understands the importance of choice concerning tours, which is why it offers a wide selection of original tours, including the Magical London Private Tour.

Instead of landmarks, you will be visiting locations that are famed for their magical heritage, meaning that you are finding out more about London than you would with other tours.

A Magical Experience for Children

As the Magical London Private Tour is suitable for all ages, this unique London experience is also perfect for children. Regardless of whether they are a fan of Harry Potter or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this magical adventure will teach children about the magical origins of London.

As well as being able to enjoy some magical tales about the capital, children can also watch an immersive magic show from one of the best magicians in the businesses. Children may even recognise James from the television.

What's more, the Magical London Private Tour can be an excellent inspiration for children that may have been interested in magic in the past. Magic is beneficial in many ways, including learning how to plan and multitask, as well as boosting confidence.

An Original London Experience for Couples

It is a common misconception that dates are restricted to bars and cinemas when nothing could be further from the truth. Although some enjoy a drink and a movie, there will be others that are keen to try something new.

The Magical London Private Tour is perfect for couples looking to expand their horizons and try something new. Indytute has several years' experience in curating London experiences and ensures that every experience is enjoyable.

As well as being amazed by some of the magical tales of London that have taken place over the last hundred years, you will also be able to enjoy a cup of tea while watching a magic show from a professional magician.

Just One of Many Amazing London Experiences

Despite the magical nature of the Magical London Private Tour, there will be those that are keen to embrace other original experiences in London. Fortunately, Indytute can offer a wide choice of different experiences, regardless of whether you are searching for something relaxing, there will always be a London experience that is perfect.

Purchasing a London Experience Couldn't Be Easier

Although choice is essential, those making purchases online will also want to ensure that their details are not compromised. As Indytute has been offering unique London experiences for several years, customers can be confident that all details are encrypted.

As well as a fully secure payment platform, Indytute also ensures that those purchasing London experiences as gifts can send them quickly to friends and family.

Choose the London experience that is of interest and enter your payment details. Once this has been completed, you simply need to enter the recipient's email address, and full details of how the experience can be redeemed will be included within the email.

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