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Trying to find original things to do with friends can be difficult at times. Although there is a lot to do in the city of London, there will be occasions when people are looking for something original when it comes to a London experience. 

Fortunately, there are options available, such as the London Craft Beer Private Tour. Indytute has been curating unique and fun London experiences for several years, so those looking for something different to do in London can be confident that they’re in good hands. 

The London Craft Beer Private Tour combines elements of a pub crawl and field trip to deliver a truly unique experience that’s perfect for fans of craft beers. 

The tour takes those in attendance around Hackney Wick where they will sample ten beverages along the way. Some of the breweries visited include CRATE Brewery and Mason & Co. 

As well as being able to sample some delicious beer, those taking part in the tour will also be treated to some tasty food pairings as well as a lot of information presented by a specialist.

This three-hour London experience is perfect for those looking for an original way of spending time with friends or as a gift idea for those that love London tours. 

Spend Time with Friends in a Fun Way 

London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four

Many people enjoy catching up with friends in the pub, but it’s fair to say that the same surroundings can soon become tiresome. Fortunately, Indytute offers a wide choice of London experiences that offer something different from the conventional trip to the pub. 

This unique tour caters for up to four people, so there’s plenty of room for a couple of friends to tag along to enjoy something different and sample some of the finest ales in London. 

Ideal for Fans of Genuine Ale 

London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four

Ales have had something of a renaissance in recent years, and now more and more people are going out of their way to find delicious ales from around the world. However, fans of real ale may be surprised to learn that some of the best breweries can be found on their doorstep. 

This unique and informative tour offers ale lovers all the information they need to know about some of the finest beverages produced in London. 

Being introduced to new and exciting ales is one of the perks of beer enthusiasts, so why not offer an experience that offers the perfect introduction to home-produced beverages. 

A Great Birthday Surprise 

London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four

Regardless of whether you’re planning the perfect birthday outing or looking for a gift that’s unlike anything else, the London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four is a great surprise for someone’s birthday. 

The London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four offers all the enjoyment of the pub, only with fine ale and a journey into the unknown where they will find out all the famous breweries in London and get to enjoy some genuine ale in the process. 

One of the Many Unique London Experiences on Indytute 

London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four

The London Craft Beer Private Tour for Four is the perfect gift for many people, there will be others that are looking for a different type of London experience. Fear not, as the London Craft Beer Tour for Four is only an example of some of the fun and informative London experiences available at Indytute. 

As well as offering a wide variety of London experiences that help bring clam, other experiences are designed to get the blood pumping. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for music-themed London experiences or workshops that help discover new talents, you can be confident that there’s a London experience that’s perfect. 

Enjoy Safe and Secure Bookings with Indytute 

One of the main concerns online is whether payment details are protected. Indytute understands the concerns that customers have when making an online booking, which is why it makes every effort to ensure that its payment gateway is fully encrypted and secure, meaning that customer’s details are never compromised.

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