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When it comes to being entertained at home, we have several options available. Be it watching a movie or playing a video game there is always some form of entertainment nearby. However, there’s nothing like the burst of energy that live music can offer, but this luxury isn’t normally available in the comfort of our homes, until now. 

Indytute strives to deliver the very best London experiences and ensures that’s an experience for all tastes, such as the Living Room Cabaret. 

As the name of this London experience suggests, the Living Room Cabaret is a live music event that takes place in the comfort of your living room, or at a venue of your choice. 

The star of the show is famed Ukulele player Tricity Vogue, a famed star on the cabaret circuit and renowned for her comedic and catchy numbers. 

As well as being able to raise a smile, those that invite Tricity into their homes can also enjoy a vintage style that’s delivered with a modern twist.

A Brilliant Alternative for a Birthday 

Living Room Cabaret

If you’re trying to book a birthday surprise but are having trouble finding a venue, then why not bring the party to you. The Living Room Cabaret offers all the same exciting qualities of a music venue in the comfort of your own home and is the ideal way of ensuring birthday celebrations are kept simple but entertaining 

Not only are you treated to a unique and lively show, but you’ll also find yourself giving in to the rhythm and singing along with the catchy tunes. 

A Housewarming Party with a Difference 

Living Room Cabaret

When moving into a new home it’s not unusual to have friends and family over to celebrate the new abode. Those looking for something original and enjoyable for their housewarming party need look no further than the Living Room Cabaret. 

Regardless of the musical tastes people have, many will find it hard to resist singing and dancing along to Tricity’s witty and catchy lyrics. 

A Wonderful Wedding Gift 

Living Room Cabaret

If you’re searching for a gift idea for quirky couples that can’t get enough of live music, then why not consider the Living Room Cabaret London experience as a gift idea? 

Regardless of whether the couple you’re buying the gift for enjoys venturing out for their entertainment or staying indoors, the Living Room Cabaret is the perfect gift idea in both instances. 

As the Living Room Cabaret is carried out at a venue of the person’s choosing, those purchasing the gift can have confidence that the gift can be tailored to meet the couple’s requirements. 

What’s more, you’re able to give a couple a gift that will be remembered for years to come 

Enjoy Live Entertainment with a Twist 

Living Room Cabaret

There’s no shortage of live entertainment nowadays, but this doesn’t mean that music lovers must put up with the same performances again and again. 

Those that book the Living Room Cabaret can rest assured that the performance they’re given is one quite unlike anything. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of cabaret or just starting, you will be treated to a performance that will be hard to surpass. 

A Wonderful Surprise for Loved Ones 

There will be times when people are looking to surprise their loved ones. It could be to say congratulations or wish someone a happy anniversary, but it’s important to have options available to ensure the surprise has the desired effect, 

Indytute has been curating events for several years and understands what it takes to ensure that a London experience is enjoyable. 

As such, those looking to surprise their loved ones in the right way will simply adore the Living Room Cabaret, and those purchasing the gift can be assured that it will be one that will be remembered. 

Why Choose Indytute for London Experiences?

It’s easy to assume that all London experiences are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Indytute has been curating London experiences for several years and understands what makes an experience stand out. 

As such, customers can have confidence that the London experience they choose is enjoyable, informative and offers good value for money. 

Indytute also ensures that redeeming the experience straightforward as full instructions are forwarded with each booking. 

If you’re searching for a unique gift experience, or just want something that fits someone’s personality perfectly, then why not check out the full range of unique London experiences available at Indytute today.

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