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Learn the History of London in 4 Drinks

History of Four Drinks Walking Tour in London


Although there are many fine wine bars and historic public houses scattered around London, there are some that are more appealing to others, either due to the gin they serve, or the history behind the location.

Many people will enjoy a tipple to wind down, but here are others who like to find out more about the drink, as well as the location it served. There are also those keen to find out more about the everyday beverages many of us take for granted, such as tea and coffee.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a London experience for you and a loved one, or for a gift as for a friend or family member, the History of London in 4 drinks checks all the boxes when it comes to a unique London experience that’s also a great gift idea.

This fascinating and immersive walking tour looks at four drinks that changed London and details the social and anti-social aspects of four known tipples, as well as an overview as to why tea has become so synonymous with the English.

It’s not only the drinks that have a deep-seated history, but also some of the coffee houses, gin palaces and beer houses that used to serve these beverages in and around London.

Regardless of whether you’ve been on a tour of London before or not, those booking the History of London in 4 Drinks London Experience can be confident that they’re learning something that they wouldn’t on more conventional walking tours.

As well as being able to learn everything you need to know about gin, beer, coffee and tea, the abundance of facts on offer makes it a London experience that really can’t be missed.

The History of London in 4 Drinks London Experience takes place every Saturday at 2.00 p.m. with the group meeting at St Pauls Underground station.

It’s safe to assume that there are no shortage of walking tours available to those considering a London experience, but only the History of London in 4 drinks can scratch the belly of the iconic capital and uncover tale and facts that you won’t hear any where else.

The Benefits of Using Walking Tours When Choosing a London Experience

History of Four Drinks Walking Tour in London

Those that have been on any kind of tour in the past will know that they’re a great way of finding out the right type of information and visiting the right location, but this isn’t to say that some walking tours are more immersive than others.

When it comes to London experiences, it’s always good to focus on something that can being something different, be it the venues, the information or a little bit of both.

The History of London in 4 Drinks London Experience ensures that you’re able to tickle your taste buds with the tipples that changed London but also find out lots of interesting facts and information can’t be found on any other waking tour.

Where else are you going to hear some of the raunchy stories associated with the gin craze of the 1700s?

Learning the History of London in 4 Drinks is a Fun Gift Idea

Are you looking for an original gift idea that will be remembered for years to come? Then the Learning the History of London in 4 Drinks London experience can be just what you’re looking for.

You can either buy the gift for someone else or use this informative and fun London experience to spend some quality time with a loved one.

One thing you can be confident of is that there will never be a dull moment, and the experience really is in like anything else, especially if you’re something of a gin connoisseur

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