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Grabbing some lunch just become more exciting thank to the Gourmet Lunch on the Go London experience. Experiencing a series of delicious courses may not seem original as first. Still, as this is a London experience offered by Indytute, you can be confident that the Gourmet Lunch on the Go is an experience that offers something original.

The difference with this London experience, when compared to other eateries, is that you will be sat aboard a bus as you dine. The bus can seat up to 38 people and those that advantage of this exciting experienced can enjoy a series of London landmarks as they enjoy a four-course meal.

Don’t worry about your cutlery flying about as the bus-turned-restaurant makes its journey, as the cutlery is kept in place via the clever use of magnets. So rather than keeping track on your knife and fork, you’re able to view some of the astonishing sights as you enjoy your meal.

There is a vast selection of different dishes which are prepared at the bottom of the bus, including scallop carpaccio and soup de champignon. Dining on a bus has never been so exciting or delicious.

Celebrate Your Anniversary in a Unique Way

The more anniversaries a couple celebrates, the less original experiences there seems to be. However, Indytute strives to offer innovative London experiences that are perfect for all occasions. Couples looking to ensure that their next anniversary is a memorable one need look no further than the Gourmet Lunch on the Go London experience.

The gourmet bus will allow you and al loved one to explore the sights of London uniquely while being able to enjoy some of the most delicious food in London. The restaurant is situated on the top of the bus, so you can be confident that you have got the best view of London while the professional chef prepares your meal below.

A Brilliant Birthday Surprise

Finding the perfect birthday present can be difficult, but Indytute ensures that there is always a London experience available that is perfect for those celebrating their birthday.

The Gourmet on the Go London experience is a brilliant birthday surprise, regardless of whether the person has a passion for food or cannot get enough of taking in the sights. The fact that the Gourmet on the Go London experience is unlike anything else, the originality alone is enough to make the experience a memorable one.

The fact that they will be enjoying some delicious food in the process will ensure that they have the perfect birthday, which will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Explore London in New Ways

People love London for different reasons, so it should come as no surprise that people are willing to unearth the more hidden aspects of London. Although you may have seen many of London’s sights, the Gourmet on the Go London experience allows you to witness London through a fresh perspective.

Not only can you inject some fun into your lunchtime, but also explore London in ways you never thought possible. The Gourmet on the Go London experience offers something for everyone, and those looking for new ways to explore London will not be disappointed.

One of Many Food-Themed London Experiences

Indytute understands the people enjoy food in different ways. Therefore, it works hard to ensure that there is a wide selection of food-themed London experience. Some London experiences will allow you to sample unique food in original surroundings, whereas others will teach you skills to create delicious meals at home.

Whatever type of food-themed London experience you are looking for, you can be confident that there is always something perfect when browsing Indytute.

Easily Purchase Indytute London Experiences as Gifts

Finding original gifts can be difficult at times, but thanks to Indytute, it does not have to be impossible. Those considering a London experience as a gift idea can forward the experience straight away following a purchase.

Simply enter the person’s email, and they will be forwarded the experience, along with full details of how it can be redeemed. It could not be any easier.

What is more, those browsing the Indytute website will see that there are lots of unique and exciting London experiences, meaning that gift ideas never need to be a struggle again.

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