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Regardless of whether you are a fan of burgers and hot dogs or want to add some additional flavour to vegan and vegetarian dishes, making your own condiments ensures that you know what you are eating.

Not everyone will be aware of how to create their own sauces, but those keen to develop their own ketchup and mustard can take advantage of the Create Your Own Condiments London experience.

The Create Your Own Condiments London experience lasts for three hours and occurs once a month on a Sunday. Some of the condiments that will be created on the day could include

  • Mexican fermented salsa.
  • Lacto-fermented pineapple chutney.
  • Cultured horseradish sauce.

Not only will those in attendance be able to take some of these tasty treats home with them, but they are also be leaving with a series of recipes and a lot of knowledge. This class is perfect for beginners, as well as those looking to improve their condiment creation skills.

A Tasty Treat for Foodies

Food lovers will often embrace ways of being able to create fresh produce from the comfort of their kitchen, and this is precisely what the Make Your Own Condiments offers. No more are those looking for the perfect garnish having to put up with mediocre condiments.

This exciting and educational workshop teaches you the history of the different condiments and offers some unique approaches that help create the perfect seasoning. Regardless of what condiments have been sampled in the past, foodies will love the new taste sensation that this is immersive workshop can offer.

A Perfect Present for Those That Work with Food Professionally

Some people may own a restaurant, while others may be looking to take the street food stall to the next level. Those that purchase food can be fickle at times, but being able to create condiments that are out of this world will ensure that customers are always satisfied.

Although you will be creating familiar condiments, the taste sensation will be unlike anything else, making your food the talk of the town in next to no time.

A Great Gift for Grandma

Although some people like to prepare condiments that go with set dishes, others may create sauces as a pastime. There will have been many times when Grandma has gifted a jar of jam or horseradish, so why not take their love to the next level with the Make Your Own Condiments.

This food masterclass will teach her new and exciting ways of creating their favourite condiments, and before long, Grandma will be surprising everyone with her newfound talents.

Have More Control Over What You Eat

Some may want to create condiments that contain great flavours, whereas others will want to create sauces and dressings that do not have any of the confusing ingredients founds in store-bought alternatives.

As well as allowing you to control the ingredients, the pro-biotic way of creating the different condiments also ensures that your body feels the benefits as well.

A Marvellous Mother’s Day Surprise

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be difficult at times, but the Make Your Own Condiments London experience is ideal for Mother’s Day.

Not only will those attending the workshop be taught how to create their own delicious condiments with ease, but they will also be creating condiments with a twist which include but are not limited to fermented ketchup and cultured horseradish sauce.

Just One of Several Food-Themed London Experiences

Indytute understands the love for food, which is why it has worked hard to curate a list of food-themed London experiences that are perfect for any occasion.

Regardless of whether you are looking to create new and exciting dishes or want to enjoy a meal in unique surroundings, customers can be confident that there is always a perfect London experience available.

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