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When attending some London tours, it's easy to assume that there is little in the way of originality, but this is not the case. Indytute has been curating London experiences for several years, and tours are just an example of what is available.

Those that like their tours with a scare factor will love what the Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour has to offer. The journey is carried out via the use of a headset as not to wake any restless spirits and provides an accurate retelling of some the ghoulish going-ons that have occurred in Hammersmith.

As well as visiting graveyards, attendees will be taken to other surreal and sinister locations that ensure that there always a chill in the air.

An example of some the scary stories that will be told during the tour details how sane Londoners suddenly became scared of their own shadows in the 19th century, attributed to the famous ghost of Hammersmith.

Don't worry; the tour isn't all about being scared, as the tension is broken along the way thanks to an inspired horror-themed playlist which include ghoulish hits such "Bat Out of Hell" or "Ghostbusters."

The tour has a meeting point out the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith and lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

The Ghost of Hammersmith London Experience is a Must for Horror Fans

Watching a horror movie may raise a scare now and again, but there is nothing scarier than learning about ghosts that may well have existed in the days of old. The Ghost of Hammersmith London Experience is the perfect tour for those that want to learn about some of the influences behind some of today's movie blockbusters.

As well as enjoying the thrills and spills of some genuine ghost stories, you will also be sharing a tour with like-minded individuals that can take your love of everything scary to the next level.

Share Some Scares with a Loved One

If you and your partner are looking for something different to do as a couple, then why not consider the Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour. The chilling tales being told on the night will ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for cuddles, as well as a punchy soundtrack to keep the adrenaline racing.

Learn Something New About London

Although there are many fascinating tales to come out of London, there is not much reason for attending the same tours again and again. Indytute understands the frustration of repetition, which is why it ensures that there is a London experience for everyone.

The Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour takes the concept of a tour and turns it on its head with an abundance of original features.

Those that attend this chilling London experience will learn details about London they never knew existed while visiting some of the sinister settings surrounding these stories. As such, those looking for a tour with a difference will find everything they're looking for and more with the Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour.

An Example of Some of the Inspired Tours Available

Everyone has their preference when it comes to tours in London, and although the Ghost of Hammersmith Silent Disco Walking Tour is perfect for those that enjoy scares, others may be looking for something with a different theme.

Fear not, as Indytute can offer a wide range of tours that cater to all interests, including music, history and even magic. If you're looking to explore what London has to offer in an original way, then why not browse the wide selection of London experiences available at Indytute.

Indytute also ensures that making a purchase is simple. Choose the London experience that interests you, make the payment and you can send the experience friends and family with ease.  

Those purchasing a London experience as a gift can be confident that all the details needed to redeem the experience are contained within the email.

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