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Fancy Trying a New Tipple? Unique Ways of Enjoying Different Drinks as a Couple

When looking to get out of the house, a local pub may be the first port-of-call, but there will be couples that are looking for a more experimental environment.

As well as wanting to try new beer crafts and unique gin, couples will want to ensure that the experience they have is memorable and offer inspiration for more adventures in the future.

Fortunately, London has no shortage of things to do, but those looking for experiences that help them enjoy different alcoholic beverages in a new way should consider the following London experiences.

Enjoy a Mysterious and Delicious East London Wine Walk

When it comes to trying out new tastes and experiences, wine will always offer a wide selection.

Although there will be those who like to know what lies ahead when it comes to an experience in London, there will be others who are keen to keep some elements of the experience secret, which can be perfect when it comes to finding new ways to enjoy time as a couple.

However, the selection of wine can be so vast that some may struggle to know what to look out for in a good glass of wine, which is where the East London Wine Walk can help while offering some different in the process.

So, what makes the East London Wine Walk different to any other type of experience that’s available?

Well firstly, you won’t have a tour telling you where to go but will instead be given a map. To ass to the mystique, those enjoying the East London Wine Walk will have no idea as to where they will be going until the days arrive, which just adds to the excitement factor.

As you arrive at each wine bar, the owner will meet and greet you and ensure that you’re lavished with information, including in-depth details about the wine you’re trying.

Enjoy a Scenic Craft Beer Cruise

Although the world of wine offers a lot of experiences, the world of craft beer shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you’re bored with the conventional offerings in the supermarket and pub, then when not try your palette to five small craft beers supplied by ten of the best breweries in London while enjoying the Thames in a relaxing atmosphere.

As well as looking at London in a new way and enjoying a series of craft beers, those who attend the London Craft Beer Cruise for Two will also be given a souvenir tasting tour glass.

Simply sit back and relax as you travel through London with a loved one is an experience that offers something the local pub just can’t offer.

Not a fan of beer? There’s still plenty to enjoy, in the form of ciders, cocktails and soft drinks.

Whatever your tipple of choice is, you can rest assured that the heart of London has never looked so alluring, offering the perfect environment for couples looking to enjoy their time again.

Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure

Let’s be honest, there’s fun to be had when trying new beverages. This is for those looking for exciting London experiences, and what could be more exciting than reliving some of the moments from “The Italian Job.”

Just replace Italy with London and gold bars for gin, and voila you have your own mini-adventure that takes place……in a Mini.

The Classic Mini Cooper Gin Bar Adventure will give you access to a driver, who will also act as your guide.

As such, those with a love of gin will be given access to some of the most respected and enjoyable gin bars in London.

The trip will last from two to three hours, but the memories of this unique experiences will last for years.

Test Your Tasting Skills with Sipsmith Gin Blenders

Although some will love the concept of gin, some couples may already have tried a wide range of gin and will want to take their tasting skills to the next level. Fear not, as the perfect London experience is available in the form of the Sipsmith Distillery Tour.

As well as being given an introductory gin upon your arrival at the Sipsmiths Distillers, you will be introduced to the hard-working coppers of the distillery, Prudence, Patience and Verity.

Not only will couples be introduced to a series of different gins, but they will also be given some tutored tasting to ensure that their knowledge of gin is expanded tenfold.

Lavish in the Land of the Rising Sun and Discover Japanese Whisky

Think you’ve tried some of the most exotic whiskys in the world? You could be forced to think again after attending the Discover Japanese Whisky experience in London.

Operating at Map Maison, which offers the widest range of Japanese whiskeys in London, you will be given a Prosecco on your arrival, followed by an opportunity to try three different whiskeys.

As well as allowing you and loved one to become more acquired with the nuances of Japanese Whisky, as well as being able to sample some of Map Maison's legendary cocktails.

This immersive and informative experience lasts for two hours, and the nearest tube station is Haggerston, so there’s no problem in getting to Map Maison.

If you’re a couple then can’t get enough of different experiences, then why not add to your bucket list and try out some of the tipple-inspired events at Indytute.

Even if you’re not a fan of alcoholic beverages, there are plenty of other unique and enjoyable experiences to choose from that are difficult to source elsewhere. 

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