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Relight Your Fire with the Aromatic Candle Making London Experience for Two 

Aromatic Candle Making London Experience for Two

There are many ways of relaxing, but the use of candle has been prominent in setting the mood for relaxation and more. 

They're also used for more romantic settings and set the ambience of a room. 

Candles are also available with many different fragrances, and the online world means that there’s always something for everyone when it comes to aromas. 

However, there’s nothing like smelling the sweet notes of a candle you’ve created yourself, which is what the Aromatic Candle Making London Experience for Two can help with, 

Earl of East is a creative business that was born out of a love for fragrance. What started as three candles have now grown into a luxurious range of products as well as several brand partnerships that have seen Earl of East thrive. 

The Earl of East brand consists of four pillars. Create, curate, collaborate and community. 

As such, Earl of East is now on hand to offer its guidance when it comes to creating your own fragranced-infused candle. 

When it comes to the popularity of candles, the majority of those making a purchase state that fragrance can be the most important aspect. 

As such, you can only imagine how luxurious and personal your own fragranced soy candle can be. 

What to Expect from the Aromatic Candle Making London Experience?

It’s easy to assume that all candles are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you’ve only just become interested in candles, then soy candles may be something you’ve heard of, but not overly familiar with. 

Soy candles produce less soot than paraffin candles, so the air is cleaner and walls around the home won’t be marked when the candles are lit. 

They’re also long-lasting than other candles, which means that those taking advantage of the aromatic candle making London experience can enjoy their own aromatic tones and notes for the long-term. 

As well as being longer-lasting, the use of soy wax also ensures that the fragrance blends with the wax, and delivers a more bold and striking aesthetic. 

As Earl of East only deals with the best, it should come as no surprise that candles being made will be of the soy variety. 

The beginner class lasts for 90 minutes and teaches you how to fine-tune the elements of a perfect candle, including the creation of the perfect fragrance and learning how to crumble the wax. 

This unique and creative London experience allows two people to make their own 6 oz scented candle that can be taken home following a 24-hour curing period. 

The candle can either be collected from Bonds the next day or sent via the post, whatever works best for you. 

The Aromatic Candle Making London Experience is a Great Gift Idea

Candle Making London Experience for Two

The Aromatic Candle Making London Experience is a brilliant gift idea in many ways. Not only is the perfect present for an anniversary, but it’s also great for couples just about to start their life together. 

Regardless of whether you gift the candle made, or treat a friend to a workshop that’s unlike anything else, those looking for an original gift idea that offers as much fun as it does creativity then the Aromatic Candle Making Experience is London can offer everything you’re looking for and more. 

The 90-minute class takes place at the beautiful Earl of East store in Hackney and happens two weekends on a month on a Saturday or Sunday.

The class is catered to over 16s and the cost of this London experience includes all the materials needed for the class, the postage of the candle and there’s even a cheeky glass of Prosecco to enjoy. 

Finding unique and personal gift ideas can be difficult at times, but the use of unique London experiences such as Aromatic Candle Making Workshop for Two ensures that there’s always a gift idea that will strike the right chord. 


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